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Lovely Girlie Bits is our baby.  If sisters could have a baby together.  We'd probably be on Jeremy Kyle if that was the case.  But back to us.  We're thirty-something sisters living in Dublin.  Karen lives with her brat of a dog, Bailey and Joanne lives with her brat of a fiance Will, who is very nice in all honesty and bakes us nice things.

Karen loves make up and Joanne loves fashion and Karen is finding it very strange talking about herself in the third person.  We've carved out a nice little corner of the internet talking about makeup, beauty, haircare, skincare and all things girlie.  We started a YouTube channel in May 2013 and absolutely love making videos!

September 2013 marks the third anniversary of Lovely Girlie Bits and will be the start of a new chapter for us, so stay tuned for more laughs and lots more girlie bits!


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  1. This pic came up on Google when I made a search " babyliss perfect curl". Now I can't get over how much you Karen remind me of Karen I used to know in N.Y. in 1990... Could you possibly be her??? If not, I just compliment the perfect curls on you guys :-).
    Best wishes, Suvi from Finland


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