Sunday, October 17, 2010

Christmassy Nails

I heart glittery nail varnish, so when I was in Sally's Beauty Supply in Newry a while back and saw these varnishes, I had to get them.  They're part of the China Glaze Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection which I only found out after researching them when I got home.  It was so hard to capture the absolute gorgeousness of these nail varnishes, and I spent ages trying to get some good photos, so these are the best I could find :)

These are the ones I got:

Left: Ruby Pumps, Middle: The Ten Man, Right: Dorothy Who?

First up we have The Ten Man.  It is a silvery pearl base with silver sparkles in it.  The pictures below shows 3 coats of the nail varnish.  It's hard to get it to look really sparkley, but it gives a lovely muted silver look without being too garish.  It might be nice over a darker base coat, so I might try that.  The photo with flash shows the sparkles a lot more, very pretty.

The Ten Man in daylight

The Ten Man with flash
Next up we have Dorothy Who?  This is an electric blue base with blue and silver sparkles.  The sparkles show up a lot brighter in daylight but it's a lot more subtle in darker light.

Dorothy Who with flash

Dorothy Who in natural light
 Finally we have my favourite.  If Christmas was a nail varnish, it would be this one, Ruby Pumps.  It is a gorgeous shade of ruby red with tiny red glitter particles.  It is absolutely gorgeous on and I will be wearing it around the Christmas season for sure! Please excuse the sloppy application of this one :)  This is the one that I found the hardest to photograph because no matter what I did, I couldn't get the sparkle it has in real life into the photo.

Ruby Pumps in natural light

Ruby Pumps with flash
These nail varnish were around £6 in Sally's Beauty Supply a few months ago.  I'm sure there are Ebay sellers who will have them for cheaper, I just couldn't wait that long to have them!

If anyone has any other Christmassy suggestions, just leave a comment below :)

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