Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Glitter Eyeliner!

Since the Christmas season is fast approaching, I decided it was time to talk about glitter eyeliner.  If there's any time the year where you can wear glitter liner and get away with it, it's Christmas!!

I popped into Superdrug recently and picked up some excellent bargains in the form of these MUA liners.  They were a bargaintastic €1.20 each!  I believe they're £1 in the UK Superdrugs.

I got 5 shades of gorgeous sparkliciousness:
Top to bottom: Shade 9, Shade 1, Shade 7, Shade 2, Shade 10
The wand is a strange little plastic webbed contraption, that manages to pick up a decent amout of product and for that, I think it's better than the usual brush you'd get with a glitter liner.  When I apply the product, I lay the wand flat on my eye, and tap gently and the glitter is applied quite uniformly without dragging it along the eye.

I decided to show you the eyeliners in two ways; on one eye I applied the glitter liner over a pencil liner of a similar colour and on the other eye, I applied the glitter liner onto the lid directly.

First is Shade 9, a gorgeous electric blue with two-toned blue/electric blue glitter.  I absolutely love this colour.  It definately needs a base liner to go over, or maybe over an eyeshadow.  The glitter is a bit sparse when applied to a bare lid, but with careful layering, you can get something more opaque.

Left: Over bare lid   Right: Over navy pencil liner

Secondly we have Shade 1.  This is a lovely silver glitter liner that looks great on a bare lid or over a silver liner.  It looks less sparse on a bare lid than the blue liner.

Left: Over bare lid   Right: Over silver eyeliner
Third up is Shade 7.  I think this is my favourite shade of those I bought.  This one applies like a dream on it's own or over purple liner.  I can't wait to wear it out some night :)

Left: Over bare lid   Right: Over purple eyeliner
Next is Shade 2.  It's a pretty gold shade that isn't too sparkley at all.  It applies beautifully on both a bare lid and gold eyeliner and out of all 5 shades, this is the one that does this the best.

Left: Over bare lid   Right: Over gold eyeliner
Finally we have Shade 10, a black liner with silver glitter.  This would add a gorgeous bit of sparkle to a smokey look for a New Year or Christmas party.  The only thing I would say is this one took a bit longer to dry, so when I opened my eyes properly when it was still wet, it transferred to my upper eyelid, very annoying :)

Left: Over bare lid   Right: Over black eyeliner
I tried applying these to my lower eyelid, right under the lashes and it was a disaster!  I ended up getting it all over the lashes and generally made a big mess.  Maybe I need more practice! 
I would definately recommend these liners.  They are cheap and cheerful and do the job.  They're a pain to remove, but what glitter liner isn't?  My face is now full of 5 shades of glitter but it was worth it.



  1. Nice one Girly! I'm sure I'll be checking in plenty :o)

  2. I have some of these too! It's really wierd, I just fimished filming a reveiw with these in fo my youtube :s
    I like them too, not the best but I think they're good for the price :)


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