Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ins and Outs Volume 1


Optrex eye drops.  Due to the eyeball fiasco I had earlier this week, this stuff saved me from looking like I'd had one too many the night before, followed by crying for hours on end.  The sniggers from the girls at work telling me I had Old Lady Eye didn't help either hehe

X Factor! I love the show this year and there are some great acts on it.  We did a sweepstakes at work this week and I got Diva Fever :) They might last longer than I think they will and at least I didn't get Wagner hehe  I'm not mad on the Xtra Factor, I can't warm to Konnie Huq, bring back Holly Willobooby! My faves are Matt Cardle, Rebecca Ferguson and of course Mary Byrne, come on the Mary!!

Colder weather.  Or should I say slightly colder weather so it means I can wear my Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation without the worry that when I sweat (or glow) that it won't rise to the surface of my skin and then dry again when I cool down.  I would enjoy it if it didn't get much colder than this thanks very much.

Kim Kardashian perfume.  I love this stuff so much, even if it does smell exactly like my Michael Kors perfume.  It is in a rollerball which makes me happy since I like to carry a lot of stuff in my bag every day.  It's not possible for me to cut down on the amount of stuff I carry about on a daily basis.  I mean, of course I need 3 different lip balms :)

Blogging :) I've been wanting to start blogging for so long and I finally decided to do something about it! I have so many products that I want to talk about, so I've no worries about writers' block.

Lie to Me.  Season 3 is on, yay! I love this show and have learned how to tell if people are telling lies, so beware :) Also I love Tim Roth.

Project 10 Item.  I''m in the process of using up opened bottles of products in the hopes of finishing using stuff once and for all.  I've finished up 4 containers so far, but one was the Simple Eye Makeup Remover which I poured down the sink, so that doesn't really count :)  I finished a conditioner yesterday which barely had 2 squirts of product left in it, so I know that this is what I needed to do to de-clutter my bathroom.  I'm keeping the empty bottles until I reach 10 items to motivate me.  I would actually love to finish a bottle of nail varnish now that I think of it. I don't think I know anyone who has ever done that!


Simple Eye Makeup Remover. Nuff said  Never will I buy this again!

Removing wallpaper.  The people who lived in this house before made a shambles of wallpapering the box room.  But I will persevere and get it finished this weekend.  I hate doing it though.  I am not Handy Andy.

Dark mornings.  It's too hard to get out of bed when it's dark. Roll on the weekend when I can sleep in.

That's all for now, I've had a pretty good month so far, not much to moan about :)

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  1. I am really into lie to me, I am only in the first serie ,but is really interesting and you learn so much!!


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