Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review: GOSH Natural Touch Foundation

A curious thing has happened.  I bought this foundation on Saturday in Superdrug, threw out the receipt, went to search for it on Superdrug's website for the price, not to be found?!  Googled it? Nada, not even on the GOSH website itself.  So either it's reeeeeeally new, or reeeeeeally crappy!  I shall still review as planned :)

GOSH says "GOSH Natural Touch Foundation is an amazing light foundation.  The mineral pigments unify your skin tone and give you a natural and perfect look.  The texture is lightweight, soft and effective.  It is almost invisible on the skin but still gives what you expect from a foundation - a natural and flawless finish.  It diminishes facial imperfections while the organic sweet almond oil moisturises and nourishes your skin.  Vitamin A+E reduce the formation of free radicals. SPF8.

From memory, I think I bought this for €9.95 in Superdrug.  That was with a couple of euro off as part of a deal.  (I really must keep track of deals and prices from now on).

I tried a couple of shades and finally decided on 36 Ivory.  I'm NW15 in MAC foundations and usually the lightest or second lightest in other foundations.  It comes with a handy pump dispenser (NARS foundations take note please!) which I enjoy very much.  This foundation has the lightest consistency of all my foundations.  One pump initially seems too like much, but once you start blending it into the skin, it disappears effortlessly and easily.

It is quite perfumed, not something I'm used to in my foundations.  It's a fruity/floral smell (now I know why I haven't reviewed any of my vast collection of perfumes, cannot describe smells to save my life!), not overpowering at all.

When applying foundations, I do the same thing each time.  I apply a pump onto my MAC 109 brush, dot it around my face and start blending in circular motions.  If I remember, I'll use a stippling motion with the brush to ensure there are no streaks left on my face.  My aim is to have that airbrushed look, but at 7am, you do what you can with 10 minutes to do makeup :)

On to the results.  I do think it evens out my skin tone a decent amount.  I prefer a thicker foundation with more coverage, but it is buildable and when I applied 2 layers, I was really happy with the outcome.  It dries to a slightly dewey finish but doesn't appear shiny at all.  I have normal/oily skin and hate foundations that leave me looking like a greasy monkey, but this gives a lovely soft finish.  I don't think it gives a flawless finish, I'm still in search of the perfect foundation for that, but it does give a natural finish.

I wore it once last week and the following morning, I had a pimple on my chin. Might be a coincidence, so I will wear it again tomorrow all day and see what happens.
*Update* I've worn this quite a bit since I've done this review and I love it.  I would recommend that you try it if you're looking for a light foundation that leaves you with a dewey finish.  Great drug store foundation :)


  1. Aw, I miss Superdrug! Over here in Oz, we have Priceline...but it's not the same...hehe

  2. Hi there, that's nice to read and is honest. We like that. Don't forget that GOSH is available in all Awear shops and all leading pharmacies around the country.

  3. I just bought this foundation at Shoppper's and I love it. My boyfriend didn't notice that I was wearing foundation, it looked so natural and it covered my uneven skin tone.

  4. Thanks for the review peps, hadn’t heard of this particular one and made my decision easy. Can't wait to try!!


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