Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Attention Beauty Junkies!!

My sister just told me about this post on this evening and I had to share :)  The Brand Avenue Beauty Emporium is opening on O'Connell Street tomorrow, November 11th at 6pm and is offering up to 70% off products like Benefit, Urban Decay, St Tropez and others.

It is like the universe wants me to buy more makeup and beauty products hehe  If the weather isn't manky, I will head in after work and have a looksee.  If I don't go, and others do, please let us know how you got on!!!


  1. I was in there last night Karen - picked up stuff for presents for other people but nothing really for myself.
    They only have benefit eyeshadows in very non exciting colours - theyre the ones Benefit have discontinued.
    They have cool lashes though - 3 for ten.
    They also have Be Yu, Make Up Factory, Urban Decay (mostly glitter liners and gloss and liquid eyeshadows) 2 for ten. There are some pretty Be Yu pallettes - they used to have them in debenhams and theyre made by the co that make Art Deco.

    Its def worth a look.

  2. Thanks so much for commenting Anne-Marie, I was gonna leave it but then managed to read your comment on my phone and I decided on the train home from work to head in hehe I was the only person in there and they were getting ready for the launch, so I had an ickle look. The ciate nail varnishes were nice, wasn't mad on the urban decay stuff, but they had a decent selection of products, will look more when it's more established :)

  3. Not sure how much more stuff they're gonna get in - they said they will have unlimited Benefit eyeshadows but the colours are very meh! Agree with you on the urban decay although got a pretty lip gloss. I got some glitter liners for my cousins and some benefit shadows and they were delighted. Perfect for little Christmas presents but maybe not too exciting for proper makeup junkies like us!!!! I got some of the make up factory eyeliners so must test out.


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