Sunday, November 28, 2010

Having the chats

Since it's a cold, wintery evening, I'm not very motivated to play around with makeup so I thought a bit of a ramble is in order :)
The past few weeks have been brilliant.  I've loved really getting into blogging and writing about what makes me happy :)  There were 2 highlights in the blogging department.  Firstly, being mentioned as one of the links the girls on have been enjoying, and second of all, being named blog of the week on the L'Onglex website!  I was delighted with both of these cos I love those 2 sites and check them out every day :)

I had a long needed haircut, which I was really nervous about and right afterwards I wasn't 100% on it, I thought the layers were too short, but I'm learning how to play around with it and actually use products in it!  I had mad long hair for ages and would just throw it back into a ponytail and do nothing with it.  Now it has shape and texture and I can play around with it and it dries in under 2 minutes which is a bonus hehe I must take a few pics of it and show y'all.  I got it cut in a place on Dame Street in Dublin, called Cheng salon.  They're having a 20% off haircuts promotion at the moment, so my haircut came to €22.50, woo hoo!

I did up the spare room in the house, finally!  I spent most of my free money on it and also got curtains for the bedroom that I need to put up pronto cos it's freezing in here!  Hopefully that's the plan for this weekend if the roads are ok and I can drive to Ikea and pick up curtain poles and whatever else I need.  I would lovvvvvve this for my makeup, jewellery, beauty products, nail varnishes etc  It would be excellent to have them all in one thingy and hidden away :)

So the plan of action this week is to firstly, arrive alive at work and home each day.  The weather conditions at the moment will have something to say about that, so hopefully we're all ok getting to and from work!  Secondly, weather permitting again, I'm hoping to go to the shopping event in TK MAXX this Thursday evening.  I got a pair of fleece mittens from there 2 weeks ago and love them, all I'm missing is the string that goes up through the arms of my coat to make sure I don't lose them hehe  Thirdly, weather permitting again, am hoping to go to my bruvvers apartment on Wednesday and have a look see and have the chats.  That's the extent of the weekly plans hehe  This snow/ice/freezing conditions will be a pain in the bum but what can we do?

Right, that's the chats for tonight.  Am off to prepare for X Factor results show, here's hoping Katie and Wagner are given the boot!!

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  1. Hi Karen!

    Love your blog, It's great to see a fellow beauty bloggger doing so well :]

    I'm new to the blog world & need all the help I can get, It would be great if you could check out/follow my blog.



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