Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lush Jungle Solid Conditioner Review

I forgot to put this in my list of what I got in Newry last Saturday!  Since there is now a Lush shop in The Quays Shopping Centre in Newry, I couldn't walk by it without having a looksee :)  I love trying all things Lush, sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. 

I've been meaning to try the Jungle Solid Conditioner for ages and finally remembered to get it this time.  They had a massive barrel of it and also little puck sized versions of it.  I decided on the small, cute puck which was only £2.75.  I thought, bargain!  It smells gorgeous, as I said before, I'm rubbish at describing smells, so I'll just say it's not fruity, it smells clean and green, hope that helps!

I asked the girl how you go about using it and she said that I could either hold it in my hands till it melts a bit and then rub my hands through my hair, or scrape a little chunk off it, add a bit of water and make a little paste, then applying it to my hair.  She also said I can use it as a leave in conditioner or a styling product, applying it to my hair when dry.  This sounded great to me :)

Lush's website says "Jungle feels different on your hair from liquid conditioner; until you wash it off, you hardly notice it's there. It smoothes and detangles, leaving a fruitily scented coat of shininess. Smooth it along the length of your hair from root to tip, then rinse out."

I couldn't wait to try it out, so after shampooing my hair, I got to work on figuring out how to use it.  I used my nail to scrape a bit off the bottom and place it in my palm.  I then added some hot water and tried to dissolve the conditioner in it.  It dissolved a bit but not completely, at which point I was getting annoyed so I just rubbed the product through my hair.  It felt like there was nothing at all in my hair, but thought, that's ok, that's what the website says to expect.  So just in case, I took the bar and rubbed it through the ends of my hair, just to be sure!

I rinsed my hair and it didn't feel any different at all.  Usually when I use conditioner, I use a decent amount and my hair feels soft when I'm rinsing it out.  Anyway, I went about drying my hair and it didn't feel soft at allllllll!!  It felt kind of brittle, not soft or shiny at all.  I ended up having to squirt some of my L'oreal Elvive Damage Care Conditioning Repair Spray to help the hair, which it immediately did.  I had soft shiny hair :)

So maybe I'm using this wrong.  Has anyone tried it or knows a better way of using it?  I just read a comment on the Lush site where someone talks about soaking chunks in water until the conditioner softens completely, leaving a paste.  But then it's not solid conditioner anymore!  I want something I could travel with alongside my solid shampoo bar that's light and works.

I'm not ready to give up on this little beaut yet, so I'll keep you posted but if anyone has any ideas or recommendations on how I can use this with more success, please let me know in the comments below :) Thanks!


  1. I rub it onto my hair (the paste method wouldn't work for me either). I use this after my regular conditioner though, as a leave-in product ;).

    [I'd describe the smell as herbal & a little bit exotic, and pleasant :).]

  2. Thanks for the advise, I won't buy that one now.

  3. I tried this a few different ways then threw it out. Could never comb my hair after without another leave in conditioner.

  4. Yeah I'll have to try it a few more times before I give up on it, it's so annoying, I had such high hopes for it :) At least it smells nice hehe

  5. I bought this recently along with the squeaky green solid shampoo to use for travel overseas. The first time I tested it, my hair was left nice-smelling but with this weird sticky-greasy feel that made it hard to comb.
    I gave it another go tonight and found that leaving the conditioner in my hair for 3-5 mins makes a hell of a difference, and after rinsing it out well with water, my hair is now less boofy, smells nice and is tangle free. I think the trick is to give it time to do its magic. I'm impresssed with the results ( I have waist length wavy hair, prone to drying and tangling at the ends).
    Personally, I apply the conditioner block to my hair from root to tip, scrunching at the ends to get as much coverage on dry areas as possible. Buy it with the tin and leave the whole block to dry in the open tin. I find the room the gets a nice smell too, so win/win!


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