Sunday, November 14, 2010

One look - Two prices - Navy Smokey Eye

Can you tell the difference between my two eyes?

This is the next installment of the One Look - Two Prices series :)  It takes a while to prepare these because I have to raid my stash looking for similar products with different prices.  Above, we have a drugstore eye and a higher end makeup eye.

These are the products I used for the drugstore eye.

I used MUA eyeshadow Shade 20, MUA eyeshadow Shade 10, Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara in Black, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean and my Beautyuk eyeshadow pallet Number 1.  I used the fourth shadow down on the left for the inner corner highlight and browbone highlight.

For the higher end makeup eye, I used these products:

MAC Paintpot in Blackground, MAC's Carbon, Stila eyeshadow in Cloud, Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara in Black, Stila Kajal eyeliner in Onyx and Skinny Dip from the Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance Policy palette.

On the left we have the more expensive eye and on the right we have the cheaper eye.  I applied Blackground with a brush and blended it with my finger and applied Black Bean directly to the eye and blended with a finger too.  I found Blackground harder to blend, the product doesn't move around too much whereas Blackbean is much creamier and much nicer to blend.  A little goes a long way with Blackbean because the Jumbo Eye Pencils have a tendency to crease if you use too much.

On the left is MAC's Carbon over Blackground and on the right is MUA's Shade 20 over Blackbean.  As soon as I applied Shade 20 I knew I loved it.  It's a bit more crumbly in texture to Carbon so there was a bit more fallout, but it applied so easily and I just needed one layer of it to get it looking like this.  Carbon took a bit more work to get an opaque layer and even so you can still see a few of the sparkles from Blackground coming through.  I'll be reporting in more detail about MUA Shade 20 this week :)

Next I applied Skinny Dip to the crease of the eye on the left and MUA's Shade 10 to the crease on the right.  There's such a difference here.  Skinny Dip is absolutely gorgeous and silky to apply and the pigmentation is fantastic.  MUA's Shade 10 had more of a dark tone to it and had more blue sparkles to it.  It gives a darker navy smokey eye but if you want more colour, Skinny Dip is the one for you.  I have a feeling I have another dupe for this so I'll raid my stash again and see what I come up with.  I also applied each of these shadows under their respective eye.

I then lined both upper and lower waterlines with Stila's Kajal liner in Onyx to the left and NYX Blackbean to the right.  These look pretty much the same to me.  Onyx is slightly thicker in consistency than Blackbean, so I'd say it'd last longer.

I applied Cloud to the inner corner of the left eye and above Skinny Dip.  On the right eye I applied the shadow from the Beautyuk palette to the same places.  I think these look quite similar in the photo above.  Also in this photo, it shows Phenomen'eyes on the upper and lower lashes on the left and Sexy Curves on the right.  I think both mascaras look the same in the photos but Sexy Curves was easier to apply.  The applicator of Phenomen'eyes is that ball one which is a bit hard to use without poking oneself in one's eye!

This look had a mixed result for me.  I absolutely loved MUA's Matte black shadow in Shade 20, but I preferred Too Faced's Skinny Dip bluey/purpley eyeshadow for the crease.  It just gave the look so much more colour.  For the liner, I prefer Onyx and Sexy Curves mascara.

I think I'd have to call this one a tie!  I'd have to mix and match products from each eye to achieve the perfect look.  I'd use MUA Shade 20, Skinny Dip, Kajal Liner in Onyx, Sexy curves mascara, Beautyuk shadow from palette 1. What do you think?

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