Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This month's magazine freebies

I am on a budget these days (who isn't?) and try not to buy magazines anymore unless they're giving away something really good :)  The exception to this is Glamour Magazine.  I buy this pretty much every month, it has the right balance of articles, beauty, fashion and not too many ads.  This month I bought Glamour and Marie Claire.

We'll start with Glamour.  As you all probably know, this month's Glamour included a free nails inc nail varnish.  They come in four colours Jermyn Street, Saville Row, Hampstead Heath and Warwick Avenue.  On names alone, I wanted Warwick Avenue just because it made me sing Duffy's song in my head.  I had no clue what the actual colour of it was.  The newsagent only had 3 of the 4 colours but they're not labelled on the box so I chose on colour alone.  To be honest, I wasn't that pushed on any of the colours but since I'd be buying the magazine anyway, I hmmed and hawed between the taupe one and the raspberry one.  I decided on the raspberry one, which upon opening, I found to be called Hampstead Heath, my first thought was "Isn't that where George Michael goes cruising?" hehe No idea why these thoughts come to me, but there you go :)

I haven't tried it yet beacuse my nails are peeling and flaking like mad at the moment and I've no idea why.  But hey, it's a free nail varnish worth £11, bargain for me.

I bought Marie Claire as a treat for myself because the front says it's The Glamour Issue with the "hottest party fashion, sexy make-up & fabulous hair."  Sold!  This came with a bangle by "Made". 

It's 2 metal rings joined together by a little gold dooda and a little glass bead.  It's cute!  It's apparently worth £11? I don't think so hehe The website is if you're interested in reading more. Ps I don't like Rihanna's nails on the cover, they give me the heeby jeebys.

Any other worthwhile freebies I should check out??


  1. I really like the bangle but no way is it 11 bucks worth of bangle!!


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