Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ins and Outs December 2010

My winter boots!  They are very amazing and soooo worth the spondoolies.  They have been my lifesavers this week and it means I can walk in slush and snow and not worry about getting cold, wet feet!  I also got the spike thingys that you pull over your shoes, so when this snow starts to turn to ice, I'm sorted :)

My new curtains.  I finally put them up, all by my own self.  Take note people, if you buy the cheapy curtain rails from Ikea, the package contains the pole, the knobby bits that go on either end of the pole, the curtain bracket thingys and no screws to attach said bracket thingys into the wall.  My room is now lovely and warmy cozy.

Christmas holidays.  I think I'm looking forward to the break itself more so than the fact that it's Christmas.  I lost my Dad to cancer last year and this will be our second Christmas without him.  He loved this time of the year and it's hard without him, so hopefully we'll do what we did last year and batten down the hatches and get it over with.  Roll on 4pm December 23rd, am off from then till January 4th!!

Bailey.  The cutest dog ever loves the snow and refuses to listen to me when I'm trying to get him back inside hehe  He's a brat and my pal.

Snow.  Snow can feck off now.  I lived in Canada for a few years and have seen proper snowy winters.  Due to this vast experience of shovelling snow out of the driveway, only for a snow plough to push it back in, I have tried to explain to my co-workers that yes, the snow is lovely for that first day.  Then, the pain in the arse-ness kicks in.  I tried to explain this to them a couple of weeks ago when the first snow came and they didn't take any heed.  I think they believe me now hehe  I hope everyone reading will be where they want to be this Christmas :)

Sophie Kinsella's latest Shopaholic book.  It's called Mini Shopaholic.  I enjoyed the first few books in this series but for some reason, this one irritated me!  I think it was the fact that the main character, Becky Bloomwood lies to every single person she meets, she's insane!  I did finish it, it kills me not to finish a book heh  I wouldn't recommend it though.

Lost mojo.  I love blogging but for some reason, I've lost my mojo recently.  I think a big clear out of my bedroom and all the junk will help clear the head.  I also need to sit down and go through and organise my makeup.  I think doing this will get me back on track, so hopefully over the Christmas period, I'll get my arse into gear.  My mam has no internet where she lives so I'll enjoy the break and get cracking in the New Year.

New Years Eve.  Hate it.  Always have, probably always will.

Happy Christmas to all, eat, drink and be merry :)  Thanks for taking the time to read, follow and comment on my blog, I really do appreciate you all :)


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad, that must make Christmas very difficult indeed. I hope that you enjoy your time off though and enjoy spending time with your Mum. Merry Christmas xx

  2. Have a safe trip home and Happy Christmas!

  3. Thanks girls :) Happy Christmas to you too!

  4. Have an amazing Christmas Karen!! So lovely to meet you this year, if only in blogland! Looking forward to seeing more here in the new year once you get your mojo back :) I'm so with you on the snow, it was fun for a while, but it's just tiresome at this stage!


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