Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Winter boots!!

Well, after the week that we all had with the snow and the ice, I am absolutely exhausted from trying not to die on the ice going to and from work!  One of the days I wore my Uggs on the journey to work, which became sponges and didn't dry by the time I put them on to go home, ugh, nothing worse than putting on wet shoes!  Then the rest of the days I wore runners which got soaked too from the slush, but would dry in work by home time.

On twitter last night one of the girls I follow said she'd gotten snow boots in Dunnes last year and she was kind enough to post a Twitpic of them so I knew what I was looking for.  When I described to my mam what I was looking for, she decided she wanted a pair too :)  Ladies, I walked town looking for snow boots!  All of the outdoor shops were sooooo busy and very unpleasant trying to look for the boots.  I looked everywhere starting in Penneys on Mary Street and made my way to TK MAXX in Stephen's Green Shopping Centre, stopping in every single shoe shop along Henry Street and Grafton Street.  Nada.

We ended up finding them in the last shop we were going to check!  We found them in a camping/outdoor wear shop called Ramblers Way on Mary Street for €89.99.  They had white/grey ones and black ones.  These are the ones I got:

They're so light and comfy and cosy.  I love them!!! These are my mams:

A friend of hers gave her these grip thingys for her shoes and she says they're amazing.  I'm gonna get some when they come back into stock.  Here they are:

You can barely even tell you have them on your shoes, see below :)

And finally we have some cosiness hehe I saw these in Penneys and had to buy myself a pair, along with a pair for my mam and sister, so here's a pic of the two of them.

These are the softest, comfiest, cosiest pj bottoms I've ever had!  The three of us are now watching the X Factor with them on hehe They were only €6, so an absolute must for these cold days :)  Please go into Penneys and even just feel them and try not to buy them!


  1. they'll definately keep you warm :)
    we haven't even had any snow - bit dissapointing!! x

  2. we have had far too much snow ! i think i will be needing these after also destroying my uggs :(

  3. Those boots look perfect for the weather!! It's so hard walking on the footpaths at the moment. And with those studs in the bottom you should have no problems at all. Also, they look pretty nice, much more stylish than my wellies lol.

  4. They look very cosy Karen, and great minds think alike cos have just done a post on my own winter boots -- so grateful for them this weather!!

  5. You inspired me to buy snowboots Karen - they look so cosy! Purchased these today
    and purchased the ice grip things as well since someone on twitter pointed out that snow boots only work in snow not ice. Cannot wait for them to arrive!


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