Monday, December 20, 2010

Soap & Glory set from Boots

Well ladies, when I heard this little beauty was on sale in Boots last weekend, I couldn't resist picking one up.  I got the Soap & glory hat box set last year and loved it loads.  So for the great price of €30, this is what you get:

Here comes the breakdown.  First of all you get the bag it comes in:

And the foldable box inside the bag:

Now on to the products.  I'll review them properly as I use them. Starting off we have the massive pink puff!

Next up are the face wipes.  I'm a big fan of face wipes and am looking forward to trying them out.  I tried ones from Penneys recently and think they were the culprits in causing a breakout on my skin.

Next comes Butter Up body smoothing cream.  I got this in last year's set and never used it.  A new year's resolution of mine is going to be to use body lotion every day.  I'm very lazy when it comes to that :)

Then we have The Breakfast Scrub.  This is an exfoliator that smells yummedy.  It says it has a great maple fragrance and that it does, can't wait to try this.

Next is my favourite product from last year's set and I would recommend everyone tries this.  It's Flake Away body polish and is fandabbydozey.  I used this before self tanning and it really does do what it says on the tin.  A review will follow.

Glad Hair Day is the next product.  I love trying new shampoos and cannot wait to try this one.  The packaging tells me all the bits I want to hear and hopefully it lives up to my expectations.  Might have to give it a go tonight!

Next is Hand Food.  This was also in last year's set but I think this is a bigger tube.  I'm also very lazy with handcream and another resolution is to use it before going to bed every night.

The Righteous Butter is next on the list.  It was also in last year's set as far as I can remember but a much smaller tub.  This will be added to my resolution-making set of products :)

Nearly there!  Clean on Me shower gel is next.  It comes in a huge pump-dispensing bottle that's perfect for the shower. 

Next comes the product I'm most excited by, it's Scrub your Nose in it.  I've read good things about this one and will be using it tonight in the shower.  I'm all about refining my large pores and preventing blemishes so I like the sound of it already.  I was going to buy this at some point to try it out, this just saved me the bother :)

Second last is Sexy Motherpucker in Pink Apricot.  Not mad on this at all.  Had a go of it this evening and felt like I had an electric shock going through my lips, not a nice feeling at all, but if you're interested, here's a pic.

Finally we have Girligo Spray-on Body Moisturising Mist.  From what I can remember, this came in last year's set too, but I have so much perfume that I don't think I ever really used it.

So that's it folks!  It was a pain in the arse carrying it through town, but worth it for the amount of products you get.  It's a great way to try a bunch of Soap and Glory products without having to spend a fortune and it makes a great gift for a lovely girlie :)

I'll do my best to use and review as many of the products as possible soon.  Am now focussed on how to get to my mam's for Christmas with all this snow!


  1. Interested! I wish we had this offer in Quebec!

  2. I didn't manage to get a hold of one! Everything looks so good though.

  3. Thats a shame ladies, it's a great set :)

  4. My son got me this for Christmas...i love it but have to agree with you about the lipgloss...does feel like electric tingles, weird!!! can't wait to try everything out..

  5. Hi, I am new in Dublin and would like to know if S&G products are available in Dublin. I intend to buy 'Trick and Treatment' for my very dark under eye cirles. If you've already used it, can you review it for me?
    Looking forward for your response.

  6. I've never tried the Trick or Treatment concealer, will keep an eye out for it next month and if it's reasonably priced, I might try it out and review :) Soap and Glory is available in most Boots here in Dublin, check out the Boots in Jervis Centre and in Stephen's Green :)


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