Thursday, January 20, 2011

MAC Cham Pale Lip Gelee Dupes?

Poodles, I was having a root through my stash this evening and came across these lip glosses that I bought last year in Penneys/Primark.  I've used them a bit over the months but when I saw them this evening, it made me think that they might be dupes for the lip gelees that MAC have out with the Cham Pale collection?  I had a look online for swatches and on Temptalia they have some good photos.

Once again, my lighting has let me down.  I think the gloss on the right might be a decent dupe for Bubble Lounge.  The one on the right is close in colour to Luxture in the tube, but upon swatching, it's different.  Take a looksee:

These were only a couple of euro in Penneys/Primark and are lovely and shimmery without looking too mad!  Dupability aside, they're grand for the price and I don't feel too bad having forgotten about them since they were so cheap. 

Does anyone know of any good dupes of expensive products?  I'd love to have a great selection of them and sure every girl loves a bargain!



  1. I discovered the other day that MUA eyeshadow shade 12 is an excellent dupe for MAC Club. I'm sure there are more... will check my stash!

  2. I really like this color! Great post Karen :)

  3. Thanks girls :) SileC Shade 12 is one of my faaaaves, had to post about it a couple months ago, love the MUA shadows so much :)


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