Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NOTD: Gosh Holographic

This nail polish has been on my list of things to get for ages!  I read about it on a couple of blogs and knew I had to have it.  So when my thoughtful sister was in AWear last week and saw that some of the Gosh makeup items were half price, she picked up a couple for me, three to be exact :)  I couldn't wait to show her what it was like, so while waiting for the train home, I applied it on my thumb over a nail polish I'd had on for a couple of days.  Mistake.  It refused to apply properly and went all streaky, so I applied it to two fingers and spent the rest of the journey admiring my nails and telling my sister to "lookit, isn't it gowjus"!

When I applied it first, it looks like a regular silver glitter polish, but it's when it dries that you see the holographic nature of it.  This is it in all it's glory, well, some of it's glory.  This was taken tonight in my room with no flash on the camera.  It's dark when I come home, so I don't see daylight until the weekends, so hopefully I'll take a photo of the nail varnish over the weekend in proper daylight so you can see it properly.

This is a gorgeous nail polish that will have people asking where you got it :)  Get it while you can, I heard it's being discontinued which is sad, so keep an eye out for them!


  1. I love this polish. It's apparently really difficult to get hold of though. It goes for around 20quid on eBay!!

  2. i finally got this as well but it looks so crapy on my nails... :( so sad cause it's beautiful on you


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