Friday, February 25, 2011

February favourites - updated with King Tut photos!

Well ladies, February is nearly over and it has flown by for me.  I decided to change my favourites up a bit this month and fill you in on all of my favourite things, not just the beauty ones, so without further ado, I present to you my February Favourites!

My new favourite program is Bondi Beach Rescue, gorgeous tanned Aussie lifeguards saving lives? What more could a girl ask for (less gross injuries on the show would be nice thanks, squeamish person here)

Calendar girls - I went to see this play last Saturday for mam's birthday and loved it.  It's a shame the run here in Dublin was so short, so if you get the chance to go see it, do!  We laughed and cried throughout the whole thing and I think we found it hit close to home for us.  Words of wisdom - wear waterproof mascara :)

The meetup - the girls at hosted a fantastic meetup in Market Bar last Saturday so it was with much fear and rumblies in the tumblies that I headed in to meet everyone.  I had a great time, met some lovely girls and came away with a fantastic goodie bag! I don't mind going for coffee or somewhere like that on my own, but I don't like going to meet friends in a pub on my own, I prefer to meet them first somewhere hehe  So I was so proud of myself and the rest of the girls for going to meet people that we didn't know, but know via the fantastic  I'm not a confident person at all at all with strangers and I was delighted with myself for going (even if I did stop for a split second outside the Market Bar and think "what am I doing?!")  Thanks Kirstie and Aisling for helping us all feel at ease, roll on the next one :)  It's those little things that helps my confidence grow and I'm working towards posting more full face photos here :)

Isadora Graffiti Nails - I just got these last week and love them, full review is here!

TheBalm eyeshadow in the shade Just This Once Jamie - full review here :)

Vaseline Rosy Lip Therapy - I got this in my goodie bag from the meetup and lovvvvve it!  A full review will be coming shortly :)

Lakme Hair Treatment - Full review is here.


Biggest let down of the month: The Tutankhamun exhibition in the RDS in Dublin.  Let me set the scene for you.  I love anything to do with Egypt, the Pyramids and anything about that time in history.  A few years ago, we went to see the Spice Girls in London (was brilliant concert!) and I'd heard that this exhibition was going to be in the O2 in London.  I thought "this is perfect, cant wait!"  When we got there, we found out the exhibition was closed for the whole week we were there, so I was raging.  Last year, I went to New York with my mam and sister, and what do you know, the exhibition was over there!  The girls didn't want to go and I didn't think it'd be much fun on my Tobler, so I left it.

One morning in January, I saw an ad for it on the DART.  Can you imagine my excitement when I heard it was coming here and not only that, I got preview tickets for a bargain!  I dragged my sister along, we got our little headsets and off we went.  I'd even charged my camera and made sure I'd plenty of space for all the photos I'd wanted to take.  I was taking photos of some gorgeous golden door and The Lady told me not to use the flash, I was mortified, I didn't want to damange Tutankhamun's tomb on him.  I took so many photos of the beautiful treasures and I was so excited that I hadn't read the placards properly.  Every single thing was a shaggin' replica!  Here I was touching the mummy case thinking "Wow, I'm actually touching a part of ancient history" and yes, yes I was touching history, from only a few bloody years ago!

It was then my sister told me that she knew they were replicas, assumed I'd known because it even said it on the ads on the train, and sure if they were real, wouldn't they be in a museum instead of out in the open.  I hadn't thought of that.  Of course on the Dart on the way home, the ad mocked me and in big, bold, golden letters had the word "reconstruction" clear for everyone to see (except me)... Ah well, that's what I get for trying to be all cultured...

*Update* I thought I had deleted the photos of the exhibition in my anger but no, I have found some.  Tell me these dont look real!
The door the the tomb - I was told not to use the flash here, obviously so I wouldn't damage what I thought was an ancient tomb.

 This is King Tut's symbols, I thought this would be good to know if I was ever reading a book in Egyptian, I could pick it out.... It could happen!

 More Hieroglyphics, incase I was ever lost in a tomb in Egypt or in the movie The Mummy.  Good to know these things.

 The two mummy tombs.  Looks real to me!

The gold death mask of Tutankhamun.  Now, this was on a pedastal high up where nobody could touch it, why bother for a fake?! :)

Beautiful gold mummy case.

Now, I saw this inscription (yes, have watched Indiana Jones too many times) and thought, hmm what could this be.  So I took a photo so I could do my investigations when I got home.  Some bloke saw me taking a photo of it and after having a look, took his own photo.  I knew I was on to something.  After some googling, this was not found to be some message from the afterlife of Tutankhamun, nope, this is the name of the man who made this replica.  Am a gobshite hehe


  1. haha that is funny about the replicas- i probably would have done the same thing!

  2. Tutankhamun is what got me interested in Archaeology! I'm now doing an archaeology degree. I saw the exhibition at the O2 and loved it but my mom was really disappointed because his mask wasn't there (I knew this all along) Oh well, I paid for her ticket!

  3. Ahahaha poor you not knowing it was all fake! I would have been the same though, I'm a right mug. Lol

    Sarah x

  4. Karen Im sorry but I just had a giggle at you being amazed at the replicas!!

  5. Karen, I'm not very confident with strangers either, but the beaut-ies are such a lovely bunch, I imagine! I would be like an excited puppy if I were to meet everyone, and going 'Oooh, I love your lipstick...what is it?' and stuff. Such a nerd!

  6. Your replica story is just the funniest! i could jut imagine how it must have felt like when you found out haha:-)

  7. i seen the real things! they were awesome however i have no desire ever to go back to Eygpt!


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