Monday, February 28, 2011

No 7 Eyeliner Review

My lovely sister was kind enough to buy something in Boots last week and keep her No 7 voucher for me!  I've been dying to try the new gel liners from No 7, even more so after seeing Tanya Burr's review of the black one on her youtube channel.  I picked up a different black gel liner in Belfast on Saturday, so yesterday I toddled along to Boots and picked up the blue one.

First of all, I love the packaging, it's too cute!  I'm not mad on the little brush that comes with it, the bristles are fine but the handle is too small.  I used my Mac 210 eyeliner brush when trying it out tonight.

When I first saw this colour on the Boots website, I was convinced that it was purple.  The same goes for when I saw it in person and it was until I tested it on the back of my hand that I saw it was actually navy.  The photo above shows how purple it looks in the pot.

 But as you can see, it's most definitely navy blue.  There's the tiniest hint of purple when I swatched it on my hand.  It's lovely and creamy and glides on so smoothly.

On the left is the eyeliner on a bare eyelid and on the right I applied it over Mac's Satin Taupe.  I saw someone applying Mac's Deep Truth as an eyeliner over Satin Taupe on a blog last year but can't remember for the life of me where I saw it. 

 No 7 eyeliner on bare eyelid.

 No 7 liner over Satin Taupe.  I love how it looks over this eyeshadow, it adds some definition to the eye without overpowering it.  This is my new love and will attempt to wear it to work tomorrow :)


I had to do a little shot of the liner on the waterline.  With one coat it gives a sheer layer but with two coats it's lovely and dark.

It cost €13.45 but with my trusty voucher for €7.50 off all No 7 products, it was only €5.95.  I have my eye on one of the lipsticks from the Spring range from No 7, Grace, looks gorgeous so I know what I'll be doing with my next voucher!


  1. I got the liner in the light blue colour must try it out.. What else did you get in Belfast . I am planning a trip in a couple of weeks as well as to the cco in Antrim

  2. Perfectly applied eyeliner.
    Thanks for sharing! Great post. :)

    Hope we can follow one another. :)


  3. Omg realllllllly want one of these. . . . Keep putting it off though. I live really near to boots, so might just pop in later for a gander!

  4. i got the Grace lipstick as soon as it came out, it really is a nice nude lippy.

  5. Picked up the turquoise one whilst in Cork at the meet up last Saturday, haven't gotten round to trying it out yet though. Love the blue one but haven't been able to get my hands on it.


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