Tuesday, February 15, 2011

theBalm Just this once Jamie review

First of all, love the name of the eyeshadow!  Just this once Jamie hehe  I was given this eyeshadow from the team at Awear to play with and they couldn't have sent me a better eyeshadow, it's totally one that I would have picked out myself.

First of all, can we look at the packaging?  Anything that has animal print makes me happy, it brings out the tacky Jerseylicious side of me :)  The shadow comes in a lightweight cardboard box that's magnetized shut.

What makes me happier than animal print on a product?  One that has a mirror attched.  I'm easily pleased :)

Now, onto the colour.  It's so hard to describe, so here goes.  It's a taupe mushroomy colour with plum & brown undertones and a lovely light shimmer.  That is the best I can do hehe  It's a beautiful neutral eyeshadow that would suit many skintones.  Texture wise, it's really soft so make sure to tap the brush off before applying, otherwise you'll be wearing it as a blush too!

I decided to try it over a black base and on it's own.  Above we have it over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean on the left and on the right it's on it's own.  I much prefer it over the black base, it shows the true colour of the eyeshadow as how it is in the pan.

 I know the eye on the right looks like there's nothing on it but I assure you it's the flash that's washing it out. 

 Below I lined my left eye with Urban Decay's liner in Zero and on the right I used Stila's Kajal in Topaz.  I'm still not sure about Topaz.  What do you think?

I love that by using the eyeshadow on it's own that you can have a neutral eye but by layering it over a darker base, you have a really quick and pretty smokey eye.

I would most definitely recommend this colour and will be going to get more eyeshadows by theBalm.  They're €11.50 but keep an eye out in your local pharmacies where I've seen theBalm products on sale,


  1. very pretty shade :)



  2. This looks really nice, will keep an eye out for it. Really versatile!

  3. that looks so pretty :)
    great post!! x

  4. Oh you lucky lady, Awear are sending you products to test out! That's definitely a testament to how succesful you've been with this blog to date, well done, I hope things keep growing for you here :)

    I wish I knew my way around make up like you do! All I have is one little eyeshadow, I think I'm almost afraid to experiment, I just don't know what I'm doing with it! And yet here you've ceated several different looks based on one little eyeshadow, I'm impressed :) I love that smoky eye look, it's perfect!


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