Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March faves and not so faves

Well ladies, another month is coming to an end and time for a recap of all my loves and not so loves for this lovely month :)

First up: Warmer weather!  I am loving the fact that Spring has finally sprung and that we have the extra hour of daylight, however, I feel jetlagged this week for some reason! But the sun is making me happy so bring it on :)

Next is this brush I got in my TK Maxx haul earlier this month.

I have used it every say since getting it to apply my foundation and love it lots.  It's so soft and blends the foundation so easily and this alone was worth getting the brush set!

Third on my list is a perfume I've been lusting after since Christmas and was a good girl and waited and hoped that some lovely lady on the Swap Siopa would have one to swap.  Lo and behold lookit!!  This, my ladies, is Spring time in a bottle, a really cute bottle, heavy though hehe I've taken to carrying it with me in my handbag and am going to do myself damage with the weight of it, but I love it and have been wearing it almost every day.  If anyone's interested, I saw the sets of them in Debenhams on sale for €39 ish and they had a big bottle of perfume, a baby bottle of perfume and body lotion, might be a nice mothers's day gift?

Next is magazine freebies!  As you probably all know, Glamour magazine had Clinique freebies this month, so I couldn't wait to get my hands on them.  Now, I was a good girl and just bought the High Impact Mascara and then saw this post on ArtDonatella's blog and felt the need to be brave and try some colour in my life, and on my lips :)

I absolutely love the mascara and am actually contemplating buying the full size when this one dies.  The lipstick is gorgeous and while applying it from the tube all over the lip gives me too thick and coat, and scares me frankly, (I'm a nudey girl) I've been applying it to the centre of my lips and then smudging it all over the lips using my finger.  Love it.

Last but not least is a rediscovery in my vast stash o' products.  I have no idea why I stopped using it, so I'm recommitted to using it all up and repurchasing more when done.  Not in April though!  It's my Origins White Tea Skin Guardian.  Love this stuff so much and will do a full post on it soon.

My not so faves for the month.  Well ladies, it's just one big one this month...  I am very traumatised by this and didn't think I would be, but here goes.  I have been finding grey shaggin hairs on my head for the past few weeks!! At first I thought it was just one lone grey hair, but alas, it has sisters and brothers and cousins.  I also did a bold thing and pulled the first 2 out, much to the horror of my fellow grey haired friends hehe  And they only seem to be in the parting of my hair which is bloody annoying (well, they're the only ones I can see, am afraid to look for more)  So, I am contemplating highlights again.  I stopped getting them a couple of years ago because it was so expensive and I started dyeing my hair really dark.  I got bored with that last year so I've been going au natural but I think those days are over my dears, but onwards and upwards!  My mam decided to let her hair go grey last year and it really suits her so maybe I'm on to a good thing :)

Finally, to end on a good note, thank you so much to ArtDonatella for inviting me to the launch of Rimmel in AWear this evening!  It was great to finally meet you and am so glad we clicked like I thought we would :)  Am thinking of venues for our next girlie date and will keep you posted hehee  The girlies at Viva Adonis were there too and it was great to see them again :)  I'm sure all of the girls will be posting about the night, I was highly unorganised and had my camera at the verrrrrrry bottom of my huge bag hehe

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

VOYA Organic Muslin Facial Cloths

Supercharge your cleansing routine with VOYA’s new cleanse-enhancing, Organic Muslin Facial Cloths.   Kinder to your skin that cotton wool and more  effective than facial wipes, these muslin cloths are made from 100% organic cotton and provide a gentle but highly effective way to enhance your daily cleansing regime.  Their gentle exfoliating action sloughs away dead skin cells removing even the deepest grime while also stimulating your skin’s circulation and leave skin polished and pampered.  Use cloths with VOYA’s Totally Balmy or any of the VOYA cleansers.  
Directions for UseRinse the muslin cloth in hot water.  Gently wring it out and begin cleansing using a circular motion to wipe away all traces of cleanser and dirt from your face and neck area.  Rinse the cloth thoroughly after each use and this lightweight cotton will air dry naturally and quickly between each use.  After a couple of washes, pop cloth into a white wash to keep fresh and clean. 

VOYA Organic Muslin Facial Cloths €12 for a pack of 3 cloths

Monday, March 28, 2011

My plan for April...

Dear ladies, while getting ready to go out last Friday night, I actually drove myself demented applying my makeup.  I thought I had everything I needed and while I sat on my bed applying the war paint, I found myself not being able to find any single thing I needed.  I would use my Mac 217 brush to blend, then put it down, use something else, go back to find the 217, couldn't find the bloody 217, curse to myself that I'd lost the 217 for the 7th time in the space of half an hour.  This happened with every. single. product.  It was the most irritating way to start what turned out to be one of the best nights out in ages, but I digress.  Ladies, I have too much makeup and not enough storage.

So, I am about to embark on a spending ban.  I tried doing this in February and then forgot halfway through when I ventured into Boots by mistake and saw lovely things I needed (well, wanted hheeh)  So no new makeup in April.  I'll get things that I need like deodorant, shampoo, shower gel etc.  No nail varnish, no frivilous hair products, no perfume, nothing....  This is usually so difficult for me and whenever I decide to stop buying products until I use ones up, I actually keep the empty containers as my little trophies until I reach my goal hehe

My plan of action for the month is to organise the crap out of my makeup and products.  I'm hoping Ikea will be my friend for this part of the plan.  I've got my eye on some drawer organisers from there.  Next part of the plan is to gather the stuff I'll never use and sell it at an upcoming car boot sale.  I'd like to use some of the money from that to give to my mam and sister who are going to Spain at the end of the month and see if they'll get me a few bits in Mac :)  I don't remember the last time I bought something from there so it'll be a nice treat.

Now, this is where you all come in.  I will need support through this difficult time ;P  Reading everyone's blogs makes me want things and feel I need things, so this will be a test of courage, strength and endurance hehe (For the record, anyone who's not a cosmetic lover will think I'm mental, however, I find solace knowing that there are people out there like me :) )

By the way, Friday night was excellent, we went to Madonna's in Temple Bar, totally tacktastic and sang(screeched) our way through tunes of the 80s.  This was my outfit/makeup for the night.  Very simple and might recreate it in a tutorial on here soon.

And ladies, I leave you with one more visual image.  This will be me when this bloody self imposed spending ban is over at the end of April!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My very first Bourjois blush :)

So today I decided to embrace all things sunny and Spring and what better way than to get a new blusher!  (Any excuse hehe)  I've had my eye on the Bourjois blushes for a while now and finally settled on this beauty.  It's in the shade 33 Lilas D'or and it is gorgeous.  It cost €9.99 but Superdrug have a 3 for 2 offer on Bourjois products, so expect a review on the 2 other items I got later this week.

I love the packaging.  Anything with a built in mirror makes me happy, the little brush that comes with it, not so much, but that's ok.  The blush itself is a gorgeous peachy/rosy pink colour with fine gold shimmer running through it.  It has a perfume scent to it that I love, it's kind of like baby powder.

As soon as I saw this blush, it made me think of Nars Orgasm, so when I came home, I had to do a comparison swatch for the craic..

Side by side they look really similar, both with and without the flash.

The swatches on my fingers show the Bourjois blush to be slightly pinker in colour and also, the gold shimmer is more obvious.

Nars Orgasm (L)  Bourjois Lilas D'or (R)
Not much of a difference here.

Here we can see the swatches compared in sunlight, yes sunlight!  The hour change is hopefully going to make it easier for me to do swatches, so swatch this space!  Nars is slightly pinker and the shimmer is more like a sheen it's so fine.  Lilas D'or looks slightly duskier pink here.

Finally we have a full face photo hehe I love this blush and can't wait to wear it to work tomorrow.  It gives a gorgeous wash of colour all over the cheeks and gives just the right amount of shimmer without looking like a big disco ball!

Has anyone tried these blushes?  I'm on the hunt for a peachy blush at the moment.  I have Benefit's Coralista that is my go-to summer blush, but I want to see if there are any cheaper versions of it out there, you know I love an aul bargain :)

Now, good luck sleeping tonight everyone with the bloody hour change, it'll feel like we're going to bed so early!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blogs wot I am loving right now :)

This is a post I've been wanting to do for a while and keep forgetting about.  I think I'll try and do it every month to share the love and fill ye in on all the blogs wot I'm loving :)

First up, keeping it in the family, my sister, the wrinkley fingered person featured in this post recently started up her own blog.  She loves a bargain, don't we all, and has set up The Land of Bargains to tell you about any great deals going on at the moment.

Next is her boyfriend who is an amazing cook, (made us corned beef hash tonight, ooh that looks weird written down heeh)  He has his own blog called The Cook's Belly which has restaurant reviews and recipes.  Check out the recipe for Lemon Drizzle Loaf, deeeelightful!

ArtDonatella is next on my list.  I found this blog recently and lovvvve it!  We have a lot of the same taste in makeup and so it makes for great reading because there are *always* fantastic reviews on products I've just bought/want to buy.

Next is the lovely Saloule. First of all, she loves Robert Downey Jr, thats enough for me hehe  Second of all, she has made me want to try Lee Stafford's Hair Growth Treatment, look at the difference a month made!!

Last but not least is the fantastic VivaAdonis run by Dee and Sinead.  I had the chance to meet the girlies earlier this month and we found out that we are northside neighbours :)  They have reviews, hauls, health posts, what more can they fit on the blog :)

Ones to watch and  These girls have recently started up their own blogs at the behest of us lot on twitter so I can't wait to read more from them :)

That's it for now, there are countless other blogs that I follow religiously and new ones that have just started up and I can't wait to watch them grow :)  Starting a blog has been one of the best things I've done in a long time and I love being a part of this friendly, positive and uplifting community even if you are all a bunch of enablers hehehe

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nail of the Day

This is technically my sister's nail of the day since I am on operation-don't-paint-my-nails-cos-they-keep-peeling-and-flaking!  I've been wanting to show you these nail varnishes properly since I got them in Sally's Beauty Supply on Drury Street earlier this month.  They're from China Glaze and are part of the Anchors Away collection.

Here's the post showing the bottles and prices etc.  So onto the nails themselves.  *Disclaimer* My sister would like you all to know that her fingers are not this wrinkley and old looking in real life, she claims the macro setting on my cheapy digital camera adds years to her usually young looking fingers hehe

First of all we have 2 coats of Sea Spray.  It's a gorgeous light blue/grey polish with a fine gold/silver shimmer in it.  What a bad description that was!  I'll let the photos explain for themselves.

 Now, Sea Spray is gorgeous in the bottle, but the shimmer doesn't show too well once it's on the nail itself.  I wore it last week to work and I must say, it had a touch of the Blu-tacs about it.  Have a look and see...

So I applied two coats of White Cap over the Sea Spray and fell in love...

Trying to catch the glitter in bad lighting is hard, but roll on the clock change this week and we'll be sorted for daylight and proper swatches!

We decided that this is such a pretty, princessy nail and at one point we fell around the place laughing while I was trying to get my sister to move her hands this way, turn them that way, close your fingers, no not that much... It felt like we were doing glamour shots heheeh

Love this nail and I can't wait for my nails to fix themselves so I can start wearing nail varnish again.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Maybelline Volume Express One by One Mascara

On my trip to Belfast at the start of the month, I picked up the latest mascara from Maybelline.  It's their latest offering and the full title is Maybelline Volume Express One by One Mascara.  I first heard about it watching one of Tiffany D's videos, who has a-maz-ing eyelashes so when she recommended this, I had to try it!  It was £6.99 and in Boots in Ireland it's €8.99 at the moment.

The wand is an oval shape and is made of plastic, like the Max Factor False Lash Effect one, so I thought it was going to be great, since False Lash Effect is one of my favourite mascaras.

I was underwhelmed with this mascara.  It gives volume but not much length at all.  It doesn't give any curl at all either.  It kind of made my eyelashes look stumpy, and what girl wants stumpy looking eyelashes?!

Mascara (L) Bare lashes (R)

Mascara (L) Bare lashes (R)

Both eyes with mascara

I love this promo picture for the mascara and was *this close* to buying the liner that's featured in it.  But I remembered that I have a green eyeliner from Mac in the shade So there Jade, which is pretty close to the colour in the photo if you ask me!

This is what I came up with:

Has anyone else tried this mascara?  If so, what did you think?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Little TK Maxx Haul

Well ladies, I've taken it easy this week blog-wise and am now back to continue my ramblings :)  Last weekend I was in TK Maxx and picked up a few bits.  I was given a voucher as a Christmas pressie and have been keeping my eye out for stuff that tickled my pickle.

First up is this really cute brush set which was €8.99.

First of all, how cute are they?!  I got it mainly for the brush on the left.  I got a duo fibre brush from Gosh last year that is slightly bigger than this one and love it and have been on the lookout for another one to add to my collection.

From left to right we have the duo fibre brush, concealer brush, highlighter brush, small concealer brush and foundation brush.  I love that they're pink, this makes me happy :)  This week I used the duo fibre brush to apply my foundation and it gives an absolutely flawless finish.  I also used it to apply my blush and it's perfect for giving a light wash of colour on the cheeks.  I think this would be a good brush to apply my 2 Good to be True cheek stain, so I shall try that out and report back.  The only other brush I've tried out so far is the small concealer brush.  I used it to apply a base from the Sleek primer palette, which I shall also review soon.  For €8.99, I'm a happy chappy.

Next up is some Jemma Kidd products.  I'm a huuuuuge fan of the Pixiwoo sisters on Youtube and have tried various looks that they've done on their channel.  They talk about and use some Jemma Kidd products so I gave a little "ooh" when I saw that TK Maxx had them!

They came all together in a plastic pouch, so I couldn't tell what colours they were.  Even much panicked googling of swatches in the shop didn't give more information.  I figured if I didn't like them, that I'd give them away, so off I went and bought them.  I don't know how much each individual item was since the pouch just had one price for all 3 items.  They cost €23.99 altogether.  Not sure if this is good/bad because I've never seen Jemma Kidd products in the shops here in Ireland.

First up is the Crushed Jewel Creme Duo in the shade Lolite.  The top part of the product is a gorgeous violet/blue cream eye base and underneath it twists off to reveal a little pot of purple/silver glitter.  I have high hopes for this and think it'll help create some dramatic looks for going out and especially for Christmas!

Next up is the Stardust Creme Shadow in the shade Orbit.  I think this'll make a great base for a light, shimmery eyeshadow look and think I'll be using it in the inner corner a lot.

Finally is the Iridescent Eye Silk Crayon in the shade Mercury.  I've been wanting a silver cream base for a while now so hopefully this will do the job.  I haven't tried these out yet except for the small swatch I did on the back of my hand with the Cream Shadow and Silk Crayon.  The annoying thing about blogging like this is I can't play with the products until I've photographed them properly! 

I'm really excited to try these new products and will let you know how I get on.  TK Max don't return any makeup at all, so if you are picking any Jemma Kidd stuff up, be aware that they've no testers out, so you have to hope for the best :)  I think I did well though buying these blind!

Has anyone tried any Jemma Kidd products?  And do we know if they're available anywhere else in Ireland?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Making my own bottom lash mascara!

I came across this post today on Jeweled Thumb which showed how to make your own Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara.  I love me some DIY so I had to give it a shot :)

This is what I used for my experiment:
1. Makeup wipes to clean the wand off, you could use makeup remover, I was lazy.
2. Cuticle scissors.  This was absolutely perfect for the job since it's small and bends around the wand when cutting the bristles off.
3. The mascara itself.  I wasn't sure how my experiment was going to go, so I used a mascara I got with a gift set last year.

Below shows the bristles of the mascara wand.  I figured they would be perfect for the job at hand.

I used the makeup wipes to clean the wand off leaving me with this.

Next I got to work on the bristles.  Starting from the bottom, I worked my way around with the cuticle scissors leaving about a third of the bristles on the wand.  I did this over a makeup wipe to minimise the mess.  I gave the wand a quick clean with another wipe to make sure there were no little bits of bristles left over.

Et voila!  I was left with a nice neat wand that looks like the Clinique one :)

Has anyone used the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara?  Is it worth the money?  I'm still intrigued with it but this will do me until payday or until I hit the Duty Free in the summer :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lovely girlie bits guide to New York!

I heart New York, always have, always will.  I think after seeing the movie Working Girl when I was a teenager, it made me want to go so much!  I've been there many times since then and each time I try to do something new while still doing the favourite things.  This post is dedicated to NY and contains some hopefully handy tips.

First up is for all of the makeup lovers out there.  Sephora

The mecca for makeup and beauty junkies.  I love that you can take your time in there, look around and test out products while being left alone.  The sales people are all to happy to help when you ask for it.  I love Sephora for that.  If you're there, sign up for the Beauty Insider card.  You don't have to be from the States to do it which is great.  It's a loyalty card that you collect points with when you make purchases and you can redeem them against samples when you reach 100 points or if you can get to 500 points, you get an even better perk!  So if you have friends who have asked you to get them makeup or beauty stuff in the States when you're there, get them in Sephora for the perks!

Next thing that every single person should do in NY is go to Macys

As you probably know, if you bring your Passport to the visitor's centre, you will receive a card that entitles you to 11% off most products in the store.  I think the jewellery and cosmetics are exempt from this but I'm not 100%.  But ladies, the handbags.... Any time we've been there, we've gone into Macys at least once a day and they are constantly getting new handbags in, we were in bag heaven!

A couple of tips we learned over there is firstly, keep your receipts at least until you've finished packing to go home.  This is mainly because we've had a few occasions where they'd forgotten to take the security tag off and it was only when we were putting the stuff in our suitcase that we realised and had to peg it around to the shop.  American Eagle on 34th street were the main culprits for us, but it also happened to us in Macys.  All three of us had bought handbags one day in there and then had lunch in the cafeteria on the ground floor.  We amalgamated our purchases into one shopping bag and headed outside, where the security alarm went off.  The guard stopped us and we happily showed him our bags where he found one had the security tag left on.  We went to show him our receipts when we realised that my sister had thrown them away at lunch!! We were morto!!  We pointed out the girl that had served us and he said if she'd remembered us that she'd take the tag off for us and thank God she did, so beware the security tags!  Lesson learned :)

Quick story, we've gone to NY for the Thanksgiving sales (Black Friday) which are a-maz-inggggg!  It's so nice to see items on sale that had been full price the day before, and on proper sale too, like 50% off.  Not like Ireland where you get stuff that they've had for years for 10% off.  Anyway, I digress.  We were in Macys the first day of the sale and didn't actually get much in there.  That evening on the way back to the hotel, I decided to get the New York Post, which I never do, to see if it had any ads on other sales.  We were flicking through the paper and found an article on the sales and found a photo of us in there!!

I was in the bathroom and just heard my sister saying "Oh good Jaysus we're in the paper" hehehe
My sister is the one holding onto the pole in the black hoodie, my mam is behind her in the navy sweatshirt and you can barely see me in the green hoodie being hidden by the man in the red jumper.  Too funny :)  We iz famous :)

Another place that every shopper should go to is the famous Woodbury Commons.  It's about an hour away by bus and it is very easy to spend the whole day there.

The first time we went there, we were amateurs.  We came back with all of this stuff and welts on our hands and arms from carrying it around all day.

If there is one tip that you take away from this post, it should be this one :)  Please take either a wheely sports bag or suitcase with you if you're going to Woodbury Commons or Jersey Gardens mall.  You will think of me and thank me, I guarantee it :)  It makes life so much easier and if you don't bring a bag, I bet you'll end up buying one there anyway!  As you are wheeling  your case full of clothes around, you may smile smugly at the poor eejits trying to lug all of their stuff in shopping bags.  For anyone interested in Konad nail stamping, there was a stand in the Jersey Gardens mall the last time we were there.  And of course in Woodbury, there is the fantastic CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) that sells cosmetics at cheap prices.  I have spent a small fortune in there and love it all!

A fun thing to do in NYC is go to the American Eagle store in Times Square.  When we were there last year, we toddled in to have a look and were told when you buy something, you can go to the ground floor of the shop, get your photo taken and leave a message and get your photo shown on a bloody Jumbotron in Times Square!!!

Hehe famous again!  Do this for the absolute craic ladies :)

One of our favourite restaurants to eat in NY is Virgil's BBQ on West 44th Street.  Somewhere that gives you a tea-towel instead of a napkin wins in my book!  They have the best pulled pork and the most amazing prawns I've ever had.  I've sent anyone I know who's going to NY there for a meal and they've all loved it, your stomach will thank me for it :)

Another one is Olive Garden in Times Square.  If you're lucky you can get a table overlooking the city.  The food is gorgeous, the portions are huge and the free salad that comes with the meal is worth going there for itself!

We like to do free things when we go to NYC and one of our favourite things to do is search out a street fair and have a wander. 
The streets are blocked off so you can wander at leisure.  There's always a great atmosphere and we always find cute little bits and pieces there :)  Another free thing to do and one of my most favourite things we've done so far is to walk across the Brooklyn bridge.
Get a train that goes to City Hall or thereabouts and the bridge is very close by, there are lots of signs to help you find it.  We had a gorgeous evening as you can see and we took our time admiring the view.  On our journey, we saw people going home from work, ladies doing a boot camp class and someone being proposed to :)  A definite must do in my book.

A trip to New York is never complete without a stroll through Central Park.  Below are photos taken a couple of years ago in November.  We found the Wollman rink after searching a little bit one day.  Ever since I saw the movie Serendipity, I always wanted to see the rink :)
And finally, we have The Statue of Liberty.  The trip out to see her (we call we Consuela, dunno why) gives you gorgeous views of the city and Consuela herself.

See you next year New York, hopefully!

Little extra bits of info:
Wigs and Plus - great little place we came across that sells NYX products and cheap Essie and OPI nail varnish.
Hotel Stanford - this is where we stay, it's 2 blocks away from Macys and 34th street which is handy when you need to drop off shopping bags and have a rest!
If you're going around Christmas time, please please please go and see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.  We loved it and it gives you the Christmas glow :)

I'm sure I'll think of more things to add to this post :)  But that's it for now, I'm sure there'll be a part 2 soon enough!  I've lots more stories from New York :)
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