Wednesday, March 9, 2011

China Glaze haul!

Well ladies, I finally bit the bullet and visited Sally's Beauty Supply on Drury Street in Dublin on Saturday :)  I'd heard from Sinead from Viva Adonis that they have China Glaze nail varnishes on sale so I knew I had to get my behind in there to check it out :)

These are the beauties I came home with :)  First of all I got China Glaze's Nail Strengthener & Growth Formula which was €7.99. 

For the past few months, my nails have been in bits.  They've been peeling and flaking and I'm not sure why, so I decided I needed to get something to sort them out.  The "Vitamin and Protein enriched formula promotes healthy nail growth.  Protects against splitting and cracking."  It says to apply 2 coats to clean, bare nails every other day for 4 weeks.  And not to apply nail varnish over the coating.  Now, I know I want to sort my nails out but why did I get something that won't let me paint them for a month?!!  I will start trying it this weekend and report back on the results :)

Next we have one of the Anchors Away mini sets and I love it!  This set cost €9.99 which is great value in my book :)  I will swatch these later in the week and show you photos, but so far, my favourite one is White Cap followed by First Mate.  I don't have a blue like that one in my collection, so I'm happy.

Above from the left is Life Preserver, Ahoy, First Mate and White Cap.

Life Preserver (L)  Ahoy (R)

First Mate (L)  White Cap (R)

I have saved the best for last!  My favourite purchase of the day was Sea Spray.  It cost €6.99 and is absolutely beautiful!  It's a light grey with the tiniest silver microshimmer in it.  I played around with this on Saturday and it's gorgeous!  Especially with White Cap over the top.  I can't wait to paint my nails and show you the loveliness that is China Glaze :)

Sea Spray


  1. Tiptoe ShortbreadMarch 9, 2011 at 10:07 PM

    oooooooooooooooooo you shouldn't have posted this, didn't realise the place on Drury St was a Sallys! I'll be spending my wages in there now....

  2. ooh those are some pretty colours! I can't wait to see swatches! x

  3. can't wait to see swatches, such pretty colours. Really love the look of Sea Spray. Will be heading to Sally's on Saturday now.

  4. aweee the set is SO cute!! can't wait to see swatches ^_^

  5. I'm not sure it's a good thing I now know where to get China Glaze in Dublin.


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