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Lovely girlie bits guide to New York!

I heart New York, always have, always will.  I think after seeing the movie Working Girl when I was a teenager, it made me want to go so much!  I've been there many times since then and each time I try to do something new while still doing the favourite things.  This post is dedicated to NY and contains some hopefully handy tips.

First up is for all of the makeup lovers out there.  Sephora

The mecca for makeup and beauty junkies.  I love that you can take your time in there, look around and test out products while being left alone.  The sales people are all to happy to help when you ask for it.  I love Sephora for that.  If you're there, sign up for the Beauty Insider card.  You don't have to be from the States to do it which is great.  It's a loyalty card that you collect points with when you make purchases and you can redeem them against samples when you reach 100 points or if you can get to 500 points, you get an even better perk!  So if you have friends who have asked you to get them makeup or beauty stuff in the States when you're there, get them in Sephora for the perks!

Next thing that every single person should do in NY is go to Macys

As you probably know, if you bring your Passport to the visitor's centre, you will receive a card that entitles you to 11% off most products in the store.  I think the jewellery and cosmetics are exempt from this but I'm not 100%.  But ladies, the handbags.... Any time we've been there, we've gone into Macys at least once a day and they are constantly getting new handbags in, we were in bag heaven!

A couple of tips we learned over there is firstly, keep your receipts at least until you've finished packing to go home.  This is mainly because we've had a few occasions where they'd forgotten to take the security tag off and it was only when we were putting the stuff in our suitcase that we realised and had to peg it around to the shop.  American Eagle on 34th street were the main culprits for us, but it also happened to us in Macys.  All three of us had bought handbags one day in there and then had lunch in the cafeteria on the ground floor.  We amalgamated our purchases into one shopping bag and headed outside, where the security alarm went off.  The guard stopped us and we happily showed him our bags where he found one had the security tag left on.  We went to show him our receipts when we realised that my sister had thrown them away at lunch!! We were morto!!  We pointed out the girl that had served us and he said if she'd remembered us that she'd take the tag off for us and thank God she did, so beware the security tags!  Lesson learned :)

Quick story, we've gone to NY for the Thanksgiving sales (Black Friday) which are a-maz-inggggg!  It's so nice to see items on sale that had been full price the day before, and on proper sale too, like 50% off.  Not like Ireland where you get stuff that they've had for years for 10% off.  Anyway, I digress.  We were in Macys the first day of the sale and didn't actually get much in there.  That evening on the way back to the hotel, I decided to get the New York Post, which I never do, to see if it had any ads on other sales.  We were flicking through the paper and found an article on the sales and found a photo of us in there!!

I was in the bathroom and just heard my sister saying "Oh good Jaysus we're in the paper" hehehe
My sister is the one holding onto the pole in the black hoodie, my mam is behind her in the navy sweatshirt and you can barely see me in the green hoodie being hidden by the man in the red jumper.  Too funny :)  We iz famous :)

Another place that every shopper should go to is the famous Woodbury Commons.  It's about an hour away by bus and it is very easy to spend the whole day there.

The first time we went there, we were amateurs.  We came back with all of this stuff and welts on our hands and arms from carrying it around all day.

If there is one tip that you take away from this post, it should be this one :)  Please take either a wheely sports bag or suitcase with you if you're going to Woodbury Commons or Jersey Gardens mall.  You will think of me and thank me, I guarantee it :)  It makes life so much easier and if you don't bring a bag, I bet you'll end up buying one there anyway!  As you are wheeling  your case full of clothes around, you may smile smugly at the poor eejits trying to lug all of their stuff in shopping bags.  For anyone interested in Konad nail stamping, there was a stand in the Jersey Gardens mall the last time we were there.  And of course in Woodbury, there is the fantastic CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) that sells cosmetics at cheap prices.  I have spent a small fortune in there and love it all!

A fun thing to do in NYC is go to the American Eagle store in Times Square.  When we were there last year, we toddled in to have a look and were told when you buy something, you can go to the ground floor of the shop, get your photo taken and leave a message and get your photo shown on a bloody Jumbotron in Times Square!!!

Hehe famous again!  Do this for the absolute craic ladies :)

One of our favourite restaurants to eat in NY is Virgil's BBQ on West 44th Street.  Somewhere that gives you a tea-towel instead of a napkin wins in my book!  They have the best pulled pork and the most amazing prawns I've ever had.  I've sent anyone I know who's going to NY there for a meal and they've all loved it, your stomach will thank me for it :)

Another one is Olive Garden in Times Square.  If you're lucky you can get a table overlooking the city.  The food is gorgeous, the portions are huge and the free salad that comes with the meal is worth going there for itself!

We like to do free things when we go to NYC and one of our favourite things to do is search out a street fair and have a wander. 
The streets are blocked off so you can wander at leisure.  There's always a great atmosphere and we always find cute little bits and pieces there :)  Another free thing to do and one of my most favourite things we've done so far is to walk across the Brooklyn bridge.
Get a train that goes to City Hall or thereabouts and the bridge is very close by, there are lots of signs to help you find it.  We had a gorgeous evening as you can see and we took our time admiring the view.  On our journey, we saw people going home from work, ladies doing a boot camp class and someone being proposed to :)  A definite must do in my book.

A trip to New York is never complete without a stroll through Central Park.  Below are photos taken a couple of years ago in November.  We found the Wollman rink after searching a little bit one day.  Ever since I saw the movie Serendipity, I always wanted to see the rink :)
And finally, we have The Statue of Liberty.  The trip out to see her (we call we Consuela, dunno why) gives you gorgeous views of the city and Consuela herself.

See you next year New York, hopefully!

Little extra bits of info:
Wigs and Plus - great little place we came across that sells NYX products and cheap Essie and OPI nail varnish.
Hotel Stanford - this is where we stay, it's 2 blocks away from Macys and 34th street which is handy when you need to drop off shopping bags and have a rest!
If you're going around Christmas time, please please please go and see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.  We loved it and it gives you the Christmas glow :)

I'm sure I'll think of more things to add to this post :)  But that's it for now, I'm sure there'll be a part 2 soon enough!  I've lots more stories from New York :)


  1. I really want to go to NY now, have never been before. Really informative post, will store it for if I ever make the trip.

  2. Thanks lady :) This is just the tip of the iceberg hehe If I find a program that helps me edit photos a bit better, I'll add more, I was just conscious that it was a photo-heavy post as it was :)

  3. Oh, God...never been there, and its safe to presume I never will! I am terrified of flying all those hours (especially over water):(. Great read though, you are very funny:)!

  4. Oh wow, you have made me want to go there NOW!!! Great tips - hope I get there some day. PS - It was fab you were in the paper lol ;)

  5. What a great guide! Makes me want to go even more than I already do!

  6. Fab post girly. You're making me want to go back! We were there last August and it was amazing. We went to Washington DC and Boston too. NYC is special though. Would go back in a heartbeat! There and Vegas!! :-)

  7. Brilliant post...i'm watching re-runs of sex in the city and now after reading your post i really wanna go!!! Think i'll have to wait to win the lotto first tho...

  8. This post has been the kick up the bum i needed for me to start saving!! NYC here i come :)

  9. Love your post my dear.I really want to go to Nueva York now.thanks.


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