Monday, March 14, 2011

Making my own bottom lash mascara!

I came across this post today on Jeweled Thumb which showed how to make your own Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara.  I love me some DIY so I had to give it a shot :)

This is what I used for my experiment:
1. Makeup wipes to clean the wand off, you could use makeup remover, I was lazy.
2. Cuticle scissors.  This was absolutely perfect for the job since it's small and bends around the wand when cutting the bristles off.
3. The mascara itself.  I wasn't sure how my experiment was going to go, so I used a mascara I got with a gift set last year.

Below shows the bristles of the mascara wand.  I figured they would be perfect for the job at hand.

I used the makeup wipes to clean the wand off leaving me with this.

Next I got to work on the bristles.  Starting from the bottom, I worked my way around with the cuticle scissors leaving about a third of the bristles on the wand.  I did this over a makeup wipe to minimise the mess.  I gave the wand a quick clean with another wipe to make sure there were no little bits of bristles left over.

Et voila!  I was left with a nice neat wand that looks like the Clinique one :)

Has anyone used the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara?  Is it worth the money?  I'm still intrigued with it but this will do me until payday or until I hit the Duty Free in the summer :)


  1. Genious!!! Must give this a go too :)

  2. This is brilliant! Definitely giving it a go when I run out of a mascara. :)


  3. Brilliant, love a bit of Make and Do myself. Might give this ago.

  4. love it!! i was thinking about doing this the other day but couldnt really figure out how to do it.

    gonna try tomorrow!!

  5. ooh I might try this later tonight :)
    I haven't tried is as I think it's bound to be a waste of money!! x

  6. this is ingenious!!!! I love it!! and really not that hard!!! love the tips you pick up on blogs. thanks hun xx

  7. ooh this is really cool. i have Clinique bottom lash though and I love love love it. the formula of it is great too, absolutely does not smudge.


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