Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March faves and not so faves

Well ladies, another month is coming to an end and time for a recap of all my loves and not so loves for this lovely month :)

First up: Warmer weather!  I am loving the fact that Spring has finally sprung and that we have the extra hour of daylight, however, I feel jetlagged this week for some reason! But the sun is making me happy so bring it on :)

Next is this brush I got in my TK Maxx haul earlier this month.

I have used it every say since getting it to apply my foundation and love it lots.  It's so soft and blends the foundation so easily and this alone was worth getting the brush set!

Third on my list is a perfume I've been lusting after since Christmas and was a good girl and waited and hoped that some lovely lady on the Swap Siopa would have one to swap.  Lo and behold lookit!!  This, my ladies, is Spring time in a bottle, a really cute bottle, heavy though hehe I've taken to carrying it with me in my handbag and am going to do myself damage with the weight of it, but I love it and have been wearing it almost every day.  If anyone's interested, I saw the sets of them in Debenhams on sale for €39 ish and they had a big bottle of perfume, a baby bottle of perfume and body lotion, might be a nice mothers's day gift?

Next is magazine freebies!  As you probably all know, Glamour magazine had Clinique freebies this month, so I couldn't wait to get my hands on them.  Now, I was a good girl and just bought the High Impact Mascara and then saw this post on ArtDonatella's blog and felt the need to be brave and try some colour in my life, and on my lips :)

I absolutely love the mascara and am actually contemplating buying the full size when this one dies.  The lipstick is gorgeous and while applying it from the tube all over the lip gives me too thick and coat, and scares me frankly, (I'm a nudey girl) I've been applying it to the centre of my lips and then smudging it all over the lips using my finger.  Love it.

Last but not least is a rediscovery in my vast stash o' products.  I have no idea why I stopped using it, so I'm recommitted to using it all up and repurchasing more when done.  Not in April though!  It's my Origins White Tea Skin Guardian.  Love this stuff so much and will do a full post on it soon.

My not so faves for the month.  Well ladies, it's just one big one this month...  I am very traumatised by this and didn't think I would be, but here goes.  I have been finding grey shaggin hairs on my head for the past few weeks!! At first I thought it was just one lone grey hair, but alas, it has sisters and brothers and cousins.  I also did a bold thing and pulled the first 2 out, much to the horror of my fellow grey haired friends hehe  And they only seem to be in the parting of my hair which is bloody annoying (well, they're the only ones I can see, am afraid to look for more)  So, I am contemplating highlights again.  I stopped getting them a couple of years ago because it was so expensive and I started dyeing my hair really dark.  I got bored with that last year so I've been going au natural but I think those days are over my dears, but onwards and upwards!  My mam decided to let her hair go grey last year and it really suits her so maybe I'm on to a good thing :)

Finally, to end on a good note, thank you so much to ArtDonatella for inviting me to the launch of Rimmel in AWear this evening!  It was great to finally meet you and am so glad we clicked like I thought we would :)  Am thinking of venues for our next girlie date and will keep you posted hehee  The girlies at Viva Adonis were there too and it was great to see them again :)  I'm sure all of the girls will be posting about the night, I was highly unorganised and had my camera at the verrrrrrry bottom of my huge bag hehe


  1. When did you find the time to blog???Well, that's very professional of you! Lovely to have met you too, my darling!!! and thanks for a very lovely evening!

  2. I have the high impact mascara and loving it for the day time!!! I think maybe the best part of it is the brush and I really feel it coats all my lashes!!! x

  3. Love that mascara! Had a great time today :) D x

  4. That mascara kicks ass so it does! :) Loving it atm, thanks glamour XD

  5. Oh boy!

    I know what you feel about grey hair. I found a few on my head around Valentine's day. I couldn't help feeling that when I get married, I will be an old bride with grey hair now :(

    I wouldn't mind so much but the fact that I have grey hair before getting married annoys me.

    On the other hand, my boyfriend has a little more, and I think its cute. Guys get away with more things than we do! So unfair!

    I love Clinique freebies! I have a few samples of that mascara and it's nice! I also like their glosses! Hmmmmmmmm might as well check if I could be lucky to get the lippie as well!

  6. Yay for magazine freebies! I have to say, UK mags are really generous with their freebies for some reason :)


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