Monday, March 28, 2011

My plan for April...

Dear ladies, while getting ready to go out last Friday night, I actually drove myself demented applying my makeup.  I thought I had everything I needed and while I sat on my bed applying the war paint, I found myself not being able to find any single thing I needed.  I would use my Mac 217 brush to blend, then put it down, use something else, go back to find the 217, couldn't find the bloody 217, curse to myself that I'd lost the 217 for the 7th time in the space of half an hour.  This happened with every. single. product.  It was the most irritating way to start what turned out to be one of the best nights out in ages, but I digress.  Ladies, I have too much makeup and not enough storage.

So, I am about to embark on a spending ban.  I tried doing this in February and then forgot halfway through when I ventured into Boots by mistake and saw lovely things I needed (well, wanted hheeh)  So no new makeup in April.  I'll get things that I need like deodorant, shampoo, shower gel etc.  No nail varnish, no frivilous hair products, no perfume, nothing....  This is usually so difficult for me and whenever I decide to stop buying products until I use ones up, I actually keep the empty containers as my little trophies until I reach my goal hehe

My plan of action for the month is to organise the crap out of my makeup and products.  I'm hoping Ikea will be my friend for this part of the plan.  I've got my eye on some drawer organisers from there.  Next part of the plan is to gather the stuff I'll never use and sell it at an upcoming car boot sale.  I'd like to use some of the money from that to give to my mam and sister who are going to Spain at the end of the month and see if they'll get me a few bits in Mac :)  I don't remember the last time I bought something from there so it'll be a nice treat.

Now, this is where you all come in.  I will need support through this difficult time ;P  Reading everyone's blogs makes me want things and feel I need things, so this will be a test of courage, strength and endurance hehe (For the record, anyone who's not a cosmetic lover will think I'm mental, however, I find solace knowing that there are people out there like me :) )

By the way, Friday night was excellent, we went to Madonna's in Temple Bar, totally tacktastic and sang(screeched) our way through tunes of the 80s.  This was my outfit/makeup for the night.  Very simple and might recreate it in a tutorial on here soon.

And ladies, I leave you with one more visual image.  This will be me when this bloody self imposed spending ban is over at the end of April!!!


  1. You can do it Karen! I have faith!!! I also have the drawer organisers from Ikea - they are fab! I will twit pic a photo of my makeup drawer if you like?

  2. For storage they have deadly acrylic storage things in Home Store and More... I'll tidy mine & take a pic. I just keep the stuff I use every day (or regularly) in it & everything is on view and to hand. Then I have the stuff I use less in a big box.

  3. You're hillarious!!! Well done, ambitious lady! Hmm, it is actually not a bad idea! *Raising one eyebrow*'ll keep posting though, right???

  4. Good Luck! I've been doing the same (minus some Boots boldness recently) and it's very satisfying to some to the end of things! You'll get through it don't worry!

    BTW, looks like an amazing night out!

  5. Best of luck, you'll be grand though. I keep saying I'll do a spending ban too then chickening out before I even start, hehe.

    Sounds like you'd a great night on Friday.

  6. yaaaaaay Karen!We're here for ya!You can do it!

    ps.You're really funny :D

  7. Here 'tis - holds loads.

  8. @Claire Thanks a mill for the twitpic ye star :)

    @Sile deffo send moi a pic, I have acrylic storage at the mo but it's sooo ugly, so I'm deffo intrigued to see what you got :)

    @ArtDonatella I'll deffo keep posting! I've so much stuff that I haven't reviewed and even tried out, I just keep buying stuff I like the look of and forget about the old stuff, so hopefully I'll rediscover some nice things :)

    @SweetLikeJelly I've been following your progress with Project 21 and am so impressed with how you're doing!!! Was a brilliant night out, lost my voice due to singing like a lunatic hehe Good times :)

    Thanks for the support ladies! I'm under pressure now that you all know about my plan, no cheating :)

  9. I'm also on a spending ban so you can guarantee I'll be just as miserable when you're feeling down about it. Haha


  10. @Sile I lovvvve that storage, deffo gonna head to home store and more the weekend, thanks poodle :)

    @Cornflakegirl em, I actually started this post and then stopped about 5 times heeh Was totally chickening out, then remembered the absolute anger when trying to get ready hehe

    @Ria thanks so much, i'll be reading everyone's hauls with one eye closed out of jealousy :)

    @Sarah I'm secretly glad that someone else will be as miserable as me hehe when is your ban over?

  11. Good luck on your spending ban! I myself keep forgetting when I'm on one...(sigh) Resist temptation!

  12. I've also imposed a spending ban since I'm half of luck!

  13. I have given up buying make up for lent .. I obviously had a free pass for passus day .. I feel like I have tons of make up and am a greedy guts

    I agree with homestore and more looks like muji but hell of a lot cheaper

  14. I thought it was just me that keep the empties as trophies!! LOL. I keep mine to try trick myself that I used loads of things! I have being tryin not to buy any beauty products till I use up what I have. I'm not doin to bad only got 5 nail polishes..That sounds really bad but 4 were on sale!


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