Tuesday, April 26, 2011

John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray

Ladies, is this the next generation of Sun In?

I picked this up on my shopping trip in Superdrug over the long weekend for £5.49 while I was deciding whether to go blonde or not.  And I did in case you're wondering!  I bought this in case I chickened out of going the whole hog.

This product promises to lighten your hair using thermal activation of the solution using a hairdryer, hair straightener or curling tongs.  In the late 90s, Sun In was all the rage, in my world anyway.  We were told by hairdressers to avoid Sun In at all cost and I laughed in the face of this danger, spraying the living daylights out of my hair, using both the power of the sun and my trusty hairdryer to achieve blonde locks.  It worked really well for me and hairdressers could never believe I was a Sun In user because my hair was in great condition.  To be honest, I don't remember why I stopped using it, twas very along ago ;)

So I was delighted when I saw this while perusing the pages of Superdrug's website in search of a hair lightener.  As soon as I saw it, I immediately thought of Sun In (which is still sold in Boots and Superdrug in case you're wondering.)  Now that I'm older and wiser, I'm finally taking heed and avoiding Sun In.  John Frieda is a name I trust when it comes to haircare, sure didn't he bring hope to every curly haired, frizzy mop topped girl hope for the future when he brought Frizz Ease into the world?  I even turned to him this weekend after going blonde and needing a new shampoo and conditioner to help cancel out the brassiness in my cheveux.  So John, I will be giving your Go Blonder spray a go.  I want lighter bits around the front of my hair and will be needing help in touching up the roots soon.

I will use this for the next few weeks and will also ask The Sister to have a go, this might take a bit of cajoling if you want Joanne to have a go of this, Joanne who has gorge long hair with lovely layers around the face which I personally think would look lovely with a few highlights at the front to give this a go, leave a comment below and make her feel really bad for saying no!

We shall report back with our findings, good, bad or indifferent.

Has anyone tried this yet?  If so, let me know how you got on!


  1. Oh do let us know girlies, this sounds great! :)xo

  2. I remember all the advertisements for Sun In before, but I read many scary stories of lots of girls have orange hair or big chunks of hair falling out! You are definitely lucky to have had Sun In work for you. :) I also wonder how this product is too. Post review soon!

  3. Oh I definetly wanna hear how you BOTH get on with this.

  4. Best product ever!! Check out my video review of it! It's definitely been a huge money saver for me!



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