Saturday, April 23, 2011

Makeup and nail polish haul!

Well ladies, the spending ban was temporarily over, for a couple of hours anyway, but it's back on :)  I headed up to Newry this morning with a few items in mind and ended up getting a couple more thinks, oops!  Anyway, on to the haul :)

Yes, you are seeing 8 nail polishes there, and yes, I am typing this post with 10 differently coloured nails as I mixed and matched the polishes!

First up is the John Frieda Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray.  I saw this on the Superdrug website last night and knew I had to try it.  It immediately made me think of Sun In, which I used back in the 90s hehe I loved that stuff and hope this works, if not, it'll go to a good home :)  It cost £5.49, so not too bad.

Next is the Sleek Paraguaya palette which was £6.49.  I've been wanting this since I first saw it and I can't wait to play around with it!  I had to ask the sales girl in Superdrug if they had it because it wasn't on display and do you think I could remember the name of it?? I was like "Em it begins with a P and it's all peachy" hehe Needless to say, she checked the drawer for me and found one :)

I blame Tanya Burr for the next purchase!  If you don't know who she is, check out her videos here.  She's an amazing makeup artist and has been raving about the Sleek Face Contour Kit for ages.  It costs £6.50 and is a contour powder and highlight powder in one cutie patootie package!  Can't wait to have a go at this.

Continuing with the blame game,  I blame Paula from cornflakemusings for me buying these masks :)  She raves about the Deep Cleansing one so it went on The List.  When I saw the Aloe Vera one, I said I might as well give it a go too.  I just finished my Origins Charcoal mask and needed another one and at £2.59 each, they didn't break the bank :)

Next up are two Barry M nail polishes.  I had picked up and immediately fallen in love with the peach one on the left and in my basket it went.  Needless to say, when I saw they had an offer for 2 polishes for £5, the strawberry one on the right made it's way into the basket too :)  I've been wanting a peach polish for yonks and I love it.

Next is my favourite polish of the haul.  I saw it on the Gosh display and knew I had to have it.  I've nothing else like it in my collection and as I applied it when I got home, I actually went "ooh" hehe  It's in the shade Lavender Love and is a special edition polish.  It cost £4.99.  They sell Gosh in lots of places in Dublin but the polishes are €8.50, talk about a rubbish conversion rate!  I will post about this properly because I am in The Love with this.

Next is The Bargain of the Haul!  This little beauty, Rimmel's lycra pro polish with the wide brush I love so much was only £1 in Poundland!  It's in the shade Plum Fashion and it is gorgeous.  Very happy with myself for finding this :)

These could also be considered Bargain of the Haul actually!  Sally's Beauty Supply had these China Glaze polishes from last year's Christmas collection on sale.  From left to right we have Phat Santa, Mistletoe Kisses, Ruby Deer and Mrs. Clause.  Ruby Deer was reduces from £6.49 to £1, and the other three were reduced from £5.99 to £1.50.  As I sit here with mad looking nails from all of these polishes, I immediately fell in The Love with Ruby Deer and lovvvve Mrs. Clause over the Barry M polish in Strawberry from above.

Last but not least is  Jerome Russell's Bblonde hair lightener.  I've been wanting to go lighter in the hair department for a while now and even more so since I started finding grey hairs!  Now that this is in my posession, I'm a bit terrified.  I may have a go at this tomorrow and that will give me time to correct it if I bollock it up :)

On thumb is Gosh's Lavendar Love, index finger is Rimmel's Plum Fashion, middle finger is Barry M's Peach, ring finger is Barry M's Strawberry with China Glaze's Mrs. Clause over the top and on the baby finger is Barry M's Strawberry :)
And that's it ladies!  Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading :)


  1. I love the look of Barry M's 'Peach'. Oh, *so* curious to see how you get on with the blonde experiment! Can't wait for an update :) Good luck, hope it turns out a dream (as opposed to a nightmare :()xo

  2. These all look so gorgeous Karen!And they were bargains!!
    Good luck with the hair :) Do a post about the results if you have the time.
    Happy weekend!

  3. Great haul and great bargains! Love the look of those Barry M polishes and the Gosh one too. I have a Barry M colour and it's great, applies and wears really well.

  4. Great haul, loads of bargains. I love Barry M nail polishes, they wear so well for me. I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on with your hair. I'll take full responsibilty for you buying the Superdrug masks cos I do bang on about them a lot. I hope you like them now, hehe. I didn't even know they did an Aloe Vera one, I have to try that out soon.

  5. Lovely haul! I just can't get hold of the peach colour from Barry M, it's always sold out in my local boots & superdrug!

    Would love to try out the JF go blonder spray! xoxo

  6. Wow the blue Gosh nail polish looks amazing! Great haul, i might break the ban too on pay day :D xxx

  7. Ohh I need that peach nail varnish, it's gorgeous!!

  8. Your very adventurous(sp?) dying your own hair - great way of saving a few bob but I dont think I would have the courage!!

  9. Those China Glazes were an unbelievable bargain! Let us know how you get on with the Go Blonder - I was tempted by it but am afraid of getting patchy hair :-/

  10. Thanks for all the comments ladies! As I sit here and contemplate whether to bite the bullet and try to dye my hair, the nerves are approaching hehe Especially since everyone is saying I'm brave, I actually think I'm mental doing it but you know what? I'm off to do it now, I think heheheeh Watch this space for the results :)

  11. Love the polishes Karen. . . really different colours :)
    Is the sleek contour lit like benefits 10 by any chance???

  12. Ooh good thinking Snowdrop,will compare the 2,I havent actually tried the Sleek one yet,its the annoying thing about blogging about something,I cant touch it until I take the proper pics of it hehe Will letya know how they compare :)


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