Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dupe alert for Metro Chic featuring Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic!

You know I love a good dupe, who doesn't?  When I saw Commander in Chic at the launch of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure I thought of Sephora by OPI's Metro Chic sitting at home in my nail polish collection.  I was excited to compare these two beauties especially because OPI is hard to find in Ireland.  Yes there are websites that we can order OPI from,but it's not the same as being able to pop into town or to your local pharmacy and browse!

Both bottles look almost identical.  Metro Chic is ever so slightly darker than Commander in Chic but you would have to be looking closely to see the differences.  I found it strange using the weeny thin brush with Metro Chic after using the wide brush with Commander in Chic, but I battled through this obstacle!  Metro Chic has a thicker formulation but all of the photos below are of 3 coats of each polish, to make it fair.
Above is both polishes taken with a flash.  There is hardly any difference at all!
Above is with no flash, again, the difference is almost imperceptible.

The above photo shows the obligatory "Swatch Claw" as I call it.  On the left is Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic and on the right is Sephora by OPI's Metro Chic.  They are both chic, they are both beautiful, but come June, you'll be able to walk into your local pharmacy or grocery store and pick up Commander in Chic.

My mission for the week is to leave both sets of nails as they are and see who wins.  When I say win, I mean who will survive the typing and general faffing about that I do with my paws on a day to day basis.  I have no problems wearing a different polish on both hands, I can barely tell the difference and that's good enough for me :)


  1. Spot on miss! No difference whatsoever, and if there's is, it's not visible with the naked eye! xo

  2. thanks mrs! i love a good dupe,although i've messed one nail up already grating some carrots this evening, doh!

  3. Amazingly close, great dupe! Love the color of both of them :)

  4. Brill can't wait to check out Sally Hansen when it comes out here

  5. Great dupe, i can't tell any difference whatsover.

    Great blog, now following.

    Sadie xx

  6. They look exactly the same, well spotted. I can't wait for these to come out, roll on June :)


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