Sunday, May 29, 2011

May favourites

I won't start this post off with the obligatory "Oh I can't believe another month has gone by already" phrase (even though it's completely true, June only a few days away?!)  Anyways, on to the products I reached for and made me happy through the month of May.  I'm sure I'm forgetting some but anyways...

First up is Benefit's Coralista.  I bought this last year in Sephora and have loved it ever since.  It is my go-to summery coral blush and I have yet to find a coral blush that makes me as happy as this one does!  I have my eye on Benefit's Cha Cha Tint, so roll on July when it's released!

Next up is The Body Shop's Bronzing Powder in Shade 4.  I got this in a goody bag at the release of the Honey Bronze Collection and this has been my favourite product from the range.  It's a beautiful matte bronzer that I've been using to contour recently.  A full review is coming shortly.

Since going blonde, I cannot get away with not washing my hair every day anymore.  My roots end up looking greasy and gross, something I think I'd taken for granted when having the dark cheveux.  But not to worry, Batiste has helped me in this department!  I'm sure you know all bout this product, but for those that don't, it's a dry shampoo that you apply to the roots, leave for a few minutes, massage into roots and brush out.  It absorbs the oils in your hair and gives you that extra day so as not to kill your hair by washing it every day.

My favourite nail varnish was sent to me by NYC New York Colour and is in the shade Prospect Park Pink.  You can read my full review here!

I am obsessed with trying new mascaras but this is the one I make sure is in my makeup bag every day ever since buying it.  It's Max Factor's False Lash Effect Fusion and is fabaliss.  My full review is here so click and read.

I think my Orofluido has become a staple in my monthly favourites every since I bought it in January!  Since going blonde and not having had a haircut in bloody ages, the ends of my hair are in bits.  My ususal little blob that I used to use isn't enough now, so I've been applying more and my hair has thanked me for it.  That being said, I'm totally going to get my hair chopped in June before going away because it will look like a haystack after a week in the sun and chlorine!  My full review of Orofluido is here.

Last but not least is my favourite brush of the month.  It is the Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki F80 brush.  I became a Sigma affiliate and received this brush in the post from them to review.  I have not used another foundation brush since I got this and would absolutely recommend getting one.  My full review is here if you want to read.  If you want to get one, click here to go to the Sigma page!.  This is an affiliate link and I will make a small commission from Sigma if you purchase anthing from them using that link.

I sometimes find it hard to do posts on my favourite things because I love trying new products out!  But I shall continue on and find my holy grail products some day ;) 

What have been your favourite products of the month?  Let me know in the comments below and it'll give me new products to add to my list!


  1. Ooooh I do love that NYC polish!

  2. I love coralista - it's a great blush to just throw on and not have to think about :)
    & batiste has saved me so many times by freshening up my hair!
    great post!! x

  3. I love that NYC polish and the TBS bronzer - this is in my favourites for this month too, been using it every day! xoxo

  4. Batiste Tropical smells soooo good!

  5. @ScienceGeek - you need it in your life and for €1.29 there's no excuse ;P

    @Radiant.MakeUp - thanks mrs :) I couldnt live without Batiste and as for coralista, i shall be using it allll the time in summer :)

    @ArtDonatella - we have the same taste, what can I say!

    @GABY - i must actually have a sniff, never thought to do that!


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