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Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - overview and swatches!

Ladies, something special happened to me on Friday evening.  Something wonderous.  Something that happens to every girl at some point in their lives and after years of waiting, it happened..... I popped my mani cherry!  Yes ladies, you have read correctly, not only have I never had a facial, but I have never had a manicure either.  So when I was invited along to the launch of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure and found out I'd be getting a manicure, I was glad I'd been patient all these years and waited until Friday ;P
Anyway, enough about me, let's talk about Sally shall we?  Sally Hansen has been going strong for over 50 years worldwide and here in Ireland we've used the Airbrush Legs to beautify our pins and been able to use the various nail treatments.  Now, they're bringing some colour to our little green island!  I met and chatted with Dana Caruso, Global Beauty Expert, Founder and CEO of The Nail and Skin Care Instutite and all round Goddess.  She has used her "Science-based & Trend Forward" philosophy in working with Sally Hansen to create the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. 

What is this Complete Salon Manicure I hear you ask?  Well, Dana wanted a product that was a manicure in a bottle.  This is that.  Simple as.  It’s a base and top coat, strengthening and growth treatment and salon-inspired color all in one!  It is every nail polish junkie's dream in one bottle.  Yellow stained nails will be no more thanks to the base coat.  The top coat gives you a beautiful shine.  The strengthening and growth treatment is essential for those of us (*ahem* me) who never have an unpainted nail but never think to include this step when lashing the polish on before bed time.  It also contains "exclusive, patented, micro-encapsulated time-release technology" to give a salon-finish manicure that lasts up to 10 days.  I'm that person who decided she wants to paint her nails right before bedtime but hates the thought of faffing about with base coat, 2 coats of polish, then top coat, it takes too long.  The Complete Salon Manicure is going to make me very happy, I can feel it in my waters!

There are an impressive 36 shades in the Complete Salon Manicure line ranging from Sheers, Deeps, Brights, Classics to Nudes and Metallics.  They are €8.95 and will be available in selected pharmacies, department stores and grocery stores nationwide in June, so get picking the shades you want!

After the chat with Dana, I was allowed to pick what colour I wanted for my manicure and after much hmming and hawing, I decided on Thinking of Blue, a gorgeous creamy navy polish that kind of went with my ensemble :)  I give you a photo of my sausage fingers!


The lovely girls from O' Leary PR, Aoife, Claire and Carol let me pick some polishes from the line to try out and I'm telling youlads, there's really something for everyone in the line.  I couldn't wait to show you the polishes so without further ado, I would like to indroduce you to my Sally Hansen Army! (cue the Apocalypse Now music)

First of all, look at the bottles... They're a heavy thick glass bottle that even feels expensive.  I'm a sucker for packaging!  They contain the wide brush I love so much, making it so easy to apply the polish in 1-2 strokes and not making a huge mess on your cuticles.  This is good for us amateurs,

First up is Commander in Chic - a creamy taupe polish with mauve/purple undertones.  This reminds me of my Metro Chic by OPI and I'll do a comparison post soon. 

Above is Grey by Grey.  This is a creamy blue/grey polish that is much thicker in formulation than Commander in Chic.

Above is Calypso Blue and one that I think will be a staple for my summer nails!  It's a beautiful sea blue polish with turquoise and green shimmer running through it.  Beautiful.

Above is Fairy Teal.  This is another polish with a thicker consistency and the photos above are of just one coat.

Above is Midnight in NY.  This is one of my favourites so far.  It's a black base with multicoloured tiny glitter running through it.  This was hard to show in photos so you'll have to trust me when I say you need to check it out!  The base itself is quite thin so the photos above are of 3 coats and if I wasn't swatching like a lunatic, I would have applied a 4th to make it perfect.
Next up is Plum Luck.  This is a creamy plum/purple colour.  The photos above are of 2 coats but I probably would use 3 to make it perfectly opaque.  Gorgeous colour for Autumn.

Red Zin is next on the list.  It's a creamy deep-red polish that makes me want to have a glass of red Zinfandel!  It's got a thinner formulation so even after 2 coats I could still see the white of my nail through it, so 3 coats it is!

All Fired Up is above.  This red is unlike anything else in my collection.  It is a tomato red and reminds me of the 50s for some reason! 

Back to the Fuchsia is above and I already know I'll be bringing this to Spain with me.  It's a hot pink polish with blue/purple microshimmer running through it.  Love. It.

Above is Shrimply Devine, a true bubblegum Barbie pink that will be perfect for summer.

Finally we have Kook-A-Mango which is a creamy orangey/red colour that is totally on trend at the moment and will be gorgeous with a tan.

So ladies, that's the overview.  I will most definitely be picking up a few more when they're released in the shops and will pick up a couple for a giveaway!  Next on my plan is to do the wear test on them, which is hard for me because I like to change my nails all the time!  Keep an eye out for that next weekend and in the meantime, let me know which one is your favourite from those above.  Whichever 2 get the most votes, I will get them for a giveaway.

Thanks to Claire, Aoife and Carol for making us feel so welcome.  Thanks to Dana for being fabaliss and coming to Ireland to launch this product and thanks to Sally Hansen for bringing colour to Ireland!



  1. Do I have to get 'Midnight in NY'? Well yes, yes I do and I will! Fabulous post hun, thanks for cropping my a** out of the pic, owe you one! xoxo

  2. Love the colours, especially Calypso Blue :o)

  3. looks like a great collection.

  4. ooh lovely, just what I need new nail polish! Will have to keep an eye out for these!

  5. @ArtDonatella yes you do need Midnight in NY! Am gonna use it later and try and get better pics of the shimmer :)

    @Eileen - thanks mrs! It's coming to Spain with us so I shall introduce you then ;P

    @Hadia - it's a fab collection altogether!

    @Nailish Ramblings - I know,it's terrible! I did a nail polish collection post a few weeks ago and with all the new ones I've gotten,I'm actually afraid to count them now ;P

  6. Commander in Chic is SO gorgeous! You're so lucky to get all of those :)

  7. hey karen. excellent post! a little off topic, but just wondering how you're getting on with your blonde hair? Is it easy to maintain? I was v inspired by your transformation, would love to take the plunge :) xxx

  8. @Vintage Makeup - love commander in chic too, deffo a must have :)

    @ilostmyballoon - thanks! my blonde hair, where do i start :) i'm not sure if i'm 100% happy with the colour yet but am gonna leave it until after my hols in July to do anything else to it, I don't wanna go lighter and then be sitting in the sun for a week heeh I've had a lot of people say it makes my eyes look greener! What colour is your hair now? I think a girl should go through a big hair change at least once in their lives, I've done it about 4 times now, my poor hair! Am gonna hopefully get it cut next month because the ends are ruined after all the dyeing, so watch this space for what is hopefully a nice haircut hehe

  9. Amazing post K, love all the swatches! So excited about this product, I love it! Is it bad that I keep thinking of the ones I left behind?!? NEED Yellow Kitty, Cafe Au Lait, Fairy Teal and Midnight In NYC!

  10. Great swatches!! I like all the color, which is rare! lol x

  11. Just gorgeous! Love your picks & pics ;)

    My purse is already in fear!!

    CherrySue x

  12. Great nail Colors perfect pictures


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