Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blogs wot I am loving right now - volume 2

I felt it was high time for another one of my posts about blogs I love.  My list of blogs I follow and subscribe to is every growing and if you're not on this list, you're probably on my blog roll over on the right of the main page.  I read so many blogs every day but these are the ones I click on immediately when going through my Reading List...
The Land of Bargains - (my sister's new blog, gotta keep it in the famileeeeee!)
The Cook's Belly
In Claireness Now Fair
Dee-Lightful Thoughts
Cornflakegirl's Musings
Emerald Eyeliner
Fitz N Bitz
Musings of a Make Up Maniac
fluff and fripperies
The Life and times of Chantelle
buy now, blog later
Simone Loves Make Up
The Make Up Fairy - Joanne Larby
Vintage Makeup

Let's share the love and leave your blog address in the comments below, I want lots more blogs to read!


  1. Thanks for the mention plus new blogs to read :)

  2. Thank you Kareeeen!!! We love you toooo!
    Mwaaah! xx

  3. Thanks for the mention hun, I love these posts as it means discovering new blogs.

    Not sure if you've already checked it out but I highly recommend by the lovely Sarah.

  4. Thank you so much for the mention dear! Your blog is fabulous!! :)

  5. Thanks doll
    Your fast becoming the auntie ship... Second to the mother ship if you know what I mean ;p

  6. Thanks for the mention Karen :)

  7. ooh, thank you for the mention! :) glad you enjoy the blog! I love yours too xxx

  8. My blog is fairly new, not too much on there but you might be interested. Would love you to check it out :)


  9. This girl is Irish and seriously gorgeous:

  10. Just started a new blog if you'd like to check it out:

    Emz :)

  11. *screams* Thank you! Such a nice post to come across and you mentioned my liccle blog xxx

  12. Hello. And thank you at once for such an amazing web site. I'll be visiting it on a regular basis.


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