Sunday, June 12, 2011

Goody Spin Pins

I saw the Goody Spin Pins on a Youtube tutorial a couple of weeks ago and can't for the life of me remember who's channel it was on!  Of course, they're useless to me now that I have the short locks, but I knew my sister (who has long hair down to her bum) would love them.  I watched the tutorial and then promptly forgot about them.  Until we were in Claire's Accessories yesterday with our two little cousins.  We took them shopping and they had a few euro left each to spend, so while they looked at every single item in the shop, we had a little squizz ourselves.

I saw these and grabbed the box with my paws and screeched at my sister to come look and see.  She had no more interest in them but once I explained the amazingness of them, she bought them.  Cue an impromptu photoshoot tonight with me telling her to move her hand this way, bend forward, no not that much, that's grand. hehe

These are spiral clips that you twist into your hair if you are putting your hair into a bun.  You don't need a ponytail grip or *whisper* a scrunchie!  When I had longer hair I always had my hair in a bun and kept it put with a bobbin that I'm sure wasn't great for my hair.
My sister Joanne suggested I photograph them beside something to show you how big they are and couldn't really understand when I whipped out a lipstick, this being a beauty blog and all!

So this is how they work:

You start off with lovely long hair like Joanne (haircut is courtesy of Christian from Brown Sugar)!  Twist your hair into a bun as you would normally.
Starting at the top left picture, you grab one of the Spin Pins and twist it clockwise into the thick part of the bun, until it doesn't twist anymore (bottom left).  You then take the other Spin Pin and position it so that it's opposite in direction to the first one (top right) and twist it clockwise again until you can't anymore (bottom right).  It's important that you don't have them too close together or they'll twist around each other and interlock and then you're on your own trying to get them out!

You will be left with a bun that looks like it's sitting proudly on it's own :)  The photo on the right shows the pin and how secure it is.  When you want to take the bun down, simple twist the Spin Pins anti-clockwise and you're done and dusted!

Joanne said that her bun felt really secure with these pins in and that they were comfortable, didn't pull her hair  and didn't hurt.  Result!  I bet they'd be lovely with a low side bun.  You can pull the hair in the bun to make it look messier and tousled.  Now I want long hair.

They were €6.95 for two Spin Pins in Claire's Accessories.  Has anyone given them a go?


  1. I want hair that long! Its so healthy looking! Those pins look like a great idea!

  2. Never heard of these before but will give them a go if I see them.

    btw love you sister's nails!

  3. Im shocked at how quick and easy they are to use... especially that someone like me can use them with no problem. Also expected the hair to get caught around them which didnt happen!

    Deffo my new favourite thing!!

  4. Oh wow! They look great - I wish I had long hair now!

    Your hair is amazing Jo - I now lust after it :-)

  5. I saw these on Katie's beauty blog and she did a wee video a while back but these photos really have me convinced now! My hair isn't quite that long but I'm getting seriously tempted to invest in these :)

    PS. Your sister's hair is lovely!

  6. my hair is too short for this kind of thing too, but its such a great idea! your ister's hair is so long and healthy! x

  7. These look great. Nice post. Must tell bff about these she will love them.

    Ps sis hair is fab and she has v pretty hands [yes i weirdly notice hands just cause i hate my own]

  8. @Chantelle - her hair is gorge and she does feckin nothing to it, I have to force her to try things hehe

    @Nailish Ramblings - I use her nails in some blog posts when mine her in bits, her nails are so strong and grow quickly, hate her ;P

    @Claire - I'll force my wee hair into a bun if it kills me to have a go of these hehe

    @Jenny - I must check out her video, i'm so weird, when i try something new, i always youtube it and it's like it validates my opinion hehe

    @Julie - They're a great little idea! I think I'll get them for my cousins too, yes, i have hair envy of her ;P

    @Deefu - my sis has the long skinny fingers that when we go into shops and try on rings, i spend ages trying to squeeze them onto my sausage fingers and she's always like "oh this is too big for me" ;P hehe

  9. Those are so cool! Jealous of her hair!!

  10. Oooh, I saw these advertised on TV today and was intrigued!
    Thanks for this post. I saw a previous comment you made in that your sister does nothing too it....I think most people with long hair are low maintenance otherwise they wouldn't let their hair grow so long. Mine dries straight naturally, if it didn't then mine definitely wouldn't me as long as I have it.
    Your sister has a lovely cut and colour! :)

  11. That looks like a great little doo-dah, my hair is pretty short at the mo so they wouldn't work for me. My sister would love them though. I must keep an eye out for them.

  12. I'm actually so distracted by the gorgeousness of your sisters hair that I almost forgot what I was reading about! *back on track* I saw an article about these but it didnt show how they actually I know...thanks!! xx

  13. HAIR ENVY. May never straighten my hair again in the hope that I wake up one morning and it looks like that....

    I may keep dreaming I suppose! I saw those in Asda but wasn't sure about getting them, I don't wear my hair up much, but maybe these would change my mind!

  14. @Vintage Makeup - they're so cool, and she's going to buy another set to bring on her holidays, I have converted her hehe

    @ScienceGeek - that's very true re people with long hair, wish I had the willpower not to do anything to mine but I bet I'll have changed the colour again by the end of the year!

    @Shoezanne - Yeah my hair's too short too, I'd say your sis would love'em

    @objectsofmyaffection - I think everyone is in love with her hair and she thinks its hilarious hehe She said it makes her want to actually take care of her hair now!

    @Lauren - I'd say they're cheaper in Asda, I think they'd be great for a night out, tie the hair up and it'd look so elegant :)

  15. Yes I have them. I think they are great. Excellent as for my job I have to wear my hair up, grooming is a big thing for my job so I need something that works. I recently bought then in a store called primark/penneys which is in Ireland and the UK. I was in New York and saw these pins in target. Surprised really because I bought then for 1 pound.... yes 1 pound.. the equivelent of $1.50.... that is a big difference to $6+


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