Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June favourites

So June is over and that's ok with me because I'm going away on Friday! Woo hoo!  It has been a good month all round so let's get started shall we?

First up wins first prize for making me happy and it is the BaByliss Big Hair styler.  You can read my full review here along with a little video of how I use it.  I'm contemplating bringing this to Spain with me but don't know if I'll be bothered styling my hair over there, what do you think?  Should I bring it?

Next up is the cutest pair of shoes I got in TK Maxx earlier in June.  They were €35 and from Rocket Dog and fit me perfectly!  I wore them to the L'Oreal Colour Trophy Awards and they didn't hurt a bit and I didn't fall in them (bonus)!

Next on the list was the best idea I've had in yonks and it was getting the old chop chop!  I got it done in Brown Sugar in South William Street by the amazing Christian and haven't looked back.

My favourite mascara is Volume Fast & Perfect from Bourjois.  It's the one with the rotating wand and I am in love with it.  Full review is here poodles!  I'm thinking about trying to do a video to show you how this works, I'll see if I have time before Friday.

Next on my list of favourites for June is blogging!  I feel like I hit my stride this month and was inspired to do different things like record a video,  attempt a blog sale, try and put my science degree to good use.  I was lucky enough to go to a few events and have seen some now familiar faces and met some new ones too.  It's lovely to put faces to names!  I've worked hard on the blog this month and Bailey and I are now tired and need a holiday :)

As I might have mentioned once or twice (ahem), I am going to Spain for a week with 2 of my best pals on a girlie holiday and I'm dying for it.  I'm hoping to have a few posts scheduled to go up during the week I'm away but I will be sans Twitter, Facebuke, Blogger and it'll be nice to recharge one's batteries.  I've got a few new ideas and ventures planned for the next little while so stay tuned and thank you for reading my wee little blog :)  Your comments make my day ya know :)

This month I tried a lot of products and a couple of them should be on this favourites post but I wanted to give them their own post first, reviewing them properly.  So stay tuned for those, I can't wait to tell you about them all!

One final thing.  I don't like the month of July.  For the past 3 years in the month of July, I've had some devastating things happen to me.  Only for my friends and family have I made it through the last few years so I'm hoping to make it through this July unscathed :)  If it wasn't for my blog and the amazing support from readers and fellow bloggers alike, I don't know what I'd be doing with my time!  So let's make this July amazing shall we?  :)


  1. The shoes are soooo cute! And the doggie awwww (:

  2. I love bourjois mascaras too! xxx

  3. Ahh Karen Bailey is a little babe! Also am very intrigued by that mascara. Here's hoping you have a great July this year, it's my birthday month heehee xx

  4. I really really want the styler! Just watched your video to convince me. I need it :)


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