Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My new hair do!

Last Friday was a great day altogether, not only was it a sunny Friday leading up to a Bank Holiday weekend, more importantly, it was the day that I treated myself to a hair cut from my favourite hair salon, Brown Sugar on South William Street!  I've been going there for the last 5/6 years, sometimes going to cheaper places when funds are low, but I always come back :)

My stylist is Christian and he is a-maz-ing, end of.  When I made my first appointment all those years ago, he'd had a cancellation so I was able to go in that day and I would like to thank whoever had cancelled that day.  I have had so many bad experiences with different stylists throughout the years and this is the only stylist I trust.  I have never come out of the salon thinking "Oh good God what has he done", more like "why did I wait so long to get my hair cut by him!"

Anyways, for regular readers of my blog, you'll know that I've been messing around with my hair and have recently gone blonde.  I used a pre lightener, then an ash blonde dye, then a week later, another pre lightener, followed by another ash blonde.  Needless to say my poor hair was in flitters and no amount of conditioner or Orofluido was going to help it.  The ends were like an absolute bale of hay so enough was enough and off I trotted to Brown Sugar.

I had my chat with Christian who asked me what I wanted.  I told him I wanted a good 5/6 inches off the ends with some layers at my face.  He told me "no way, that's an aul wan haircut" and proceeded to tell me what he thought would look good.  He asked me how I felt about a long bob, that would come to my collarbone, with a lettin-on fringe.  I was sold.

I went in to get my hair washed and that's when The Fear set in.  A bob?!  What was I thinking?  I love my hair.  But as I got my lovely back massage from the comfy chair and had *the* most amazing head massage, I thought to myself, it's only hair, you've had it the same way for yonks, and it's Christian, he knows what he's on about.  So I let him have at it and I couldn't be happier with the result.

Here is a little montage of my hair throughout the past couple of years.  I love changing it and will probably continue to do so, sure it's only hair!

Yes I am wearing flashing bunny ears, a hen's night isn't one without them!  I loved when my hair was really dark but the maintenance was annoying.  I stopped dyeing my hair the year before last but got bored with the meh-ness of it all, so went lighter.

Now, the before and after photo and I must warn you that if you are of a delicate disposition, please look away now.  The before photo was taken at 5.30am last Friday morning, sans makeup.  I had forgotten to do a before picture the previous night and knew I would be doing this post, so duty called and I took one for the team and I'm sorry I have to do this to you in the name of blogging :)

I couldn't be happier and am so glad I listened to Christian!  The haircut cos $95 which I know is on the steep side, but it was so worth it.  There's nothing worse than coming out of a hair salon looking like nothing has been done to your hair, or being unhappy with it and immediately tying it up.  So yes, I will continue to pay that much!  They have a loyalty card so if you are going there, make sure you pick one up.  For every haircut you get, your card gets a stamp and when you get 6 stamps you get a voucher for $30 off, so not too bad at all.

I was delighted to read today that Brown Sugar on South William Street is a Grand Finalist in this year's L'Oreal Professionnel Colour Trophy on Monday 13th of June so I know who I'll be rooting for!


  1. Karen, your hair is totally fab. I love it, looks so healthy & bouncy. I've just found myself a brilliant hairdresser but I'm ever in trouble I'll give Christian a go & I may also need to win the lotto ;) xx

  2. Looks really lovely and so full and healthy x

  3. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous, Karen! It looks shiny and healthy! xo

  4. Thanks ladies :) It really does feel lovely and healthy,now to keep it like this hehe :)

  5. Your hair looks amazing!! you sure do have a good stylist :)



  6. Lovely! How did you get on with styling it yourself?

  7. That style really suits you :) looks amazing x

  8. Karen your hair is FABULOUS! I just love it, you look gorgeous and it takes years off you (not that you had years on you but you know what I mean). Seriously considering a chop in Brown Sugar myself!

  9. Karen your hair is FAB!! It really suits you!

  10. Ah lads you're very good leaving such nice comments, it does a girlie good :) Am learning how to use the Babyliss Big Hair Styler more and more every day and will be doing a post on it soon :) I'm still figuring out how to use different products in my hair, I'm not used to that kinda stuff.

    Thanks so much for all your comments, I has a little smile on me face now :)

  11. Blooming gorgeous and love the blowdry! x

  12. Bam! You look hot! Love it, and that blonde shade works so well with your skin tone! Excellent choice, looking forward to seeing you in person, we have a lot of plans in the next few weeks!!! Mhaw! xx


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