Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Superdrug’s Deep Cleansing Mud Mask review

Yesterday I was not feeling well at all and decided to treat myself to a face mask.  I first saw this mask a couple of months ago on Cornflakegirl’s blog, bought them and promptly forgot to use them.  Over the weekend I was reorganising my stash of products and found them, so decided yesterday was the night.
I tried the Deep Cleansing Mud Mask which has “the natural mineral benefits of dead sea mud to detoxify the skin”.  It is a clay based mask that helps “promote a clearer complexion, leaving skin softer and rejuvenated”.  I absolutely love clay based masks and ever since I finished my Origins Charcoal Mask, I’ve been searching for something similar.  I have combination/normal skin, so basically sometimes I get dry patches on my cheeks and have an oily t-zone.  The pores on my nose and on the skin around my nose on my face are quite large and I love using masks like these to clear them out.

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First of all, it has quite a perfumey scent.  It’s not bad or overpowering, it just smells a bit manly to me, like an aftershave my dad would wear, but I like those kinds of smells, so have a sniff before you buy,  It comes in a squeezy tube which I love, I hate pots of stuff that you have to dig into.  It is a thick, grey mask that dries to a light grey colour.  I like to use an old foundation brush to apply masks because it doesn’t get all over your hands and more importantly, you get an even layer all over your face.  I applied the mask to my face, avoiding the eye area.  It felt nice and cool on application and then the drying kicked in.  I get such satisfaction feeling a mask dry to a hard finish.  I like to pretend I have had Botox and see what it would feel like!

A strange thing happened when the mask was drying.  Those pores on my nose and around my nose were doing something funny to the mask.  It looked like the mask was pulling all the oils and impurities out of my skin, leaving that greasy look that you get when grease touches a paper bag, have a look!  This never happened with my Origins one, so I was both revolted and excited about taking it off!

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I washed the mask off in the shower and had a proper look once my skin was dry.  My pores really did look clean and my skin was lovely and smooth.  There was no tightness at all which can sometimes happen after using masks.  I am pretty impressed with this little mask and for €2.79 it’s a great deal.  I have another mask from the same range that I’ll try next, but all in all, am well impressed!
Has anyone tried this mask or any of the other ones from the range?


  1. So many UK things I'm jealous of! Hahah :)

  2. Great tip about using an old foundation brush to apply an even layer.

    Glad you like it as I always get nervous when someone tries something I rave about. Thanks for the mention too.

  3. oh this looks good must pick some up

  4. Never tried this, but I really want to try the superdrug brand vitamin e hot cloth cleanser!

  5. Oooh this sounds pretty good and the foundation brush tip is a good one. It also saves wasting product too which can often happen when applying with fingers.xx

  6. Applying through the use of brush evens out the mask.


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