Friday, June 10, 2011

Tag: 8 Things

I'm having a lovely lazy Friday night so thought I would do this tag that I've seen on a few blogs over the past couple of weeks, so here goes!

8 TV shows I love

  • Come Dine With Me (esp the Irish one!)
  • Vampire Diaries (hello, Damon? bite me)
  • The Real Housewives of New York, New Jersey and Orange County, trashtastic TV at it's best
  • Brothers and Sister (has been cancelled, am raging)
  • Lie to me (also been cancelled, double raging)
  • America's Next Top Model (where else do you think I've learned to smize?)
  • Neighbours (yes, I know, I'm sad, but I love it!)
  • Jersey Shore/The Only Way is Essex (car crash tv at it's finest)

8 Favourite places to eat

  • The Port House on South William Street (amaaaazing tapas)
  • The Oar House ( I call it the whore house, bootiful seafood) in Howth
  • Golf Links in Portmarnock (gorge carvery on a Sunday, was my dad's fave)
  • Can I say The Port House again?
  • Toscana on Dame Street
  • Virgil's BBQ in New York (very amazing)
  • Olive Garden in Time Square, NY
  • Kinara indian restaurant in Clontarf

8 things to look forward to

  • My girlie holiday! A week in sunny Spain? Yes please :)
  • An ultimate girlie night out in July, food and dancing in Buskers, we're classy us :)
  • The final and ultimate Harry Potter film!
  • Next Monday night :)
  • My blog's anniversary in September, can't believe I've lasted this long!
  • Hollier in September
  • Going shopping with the cousins tomorrow,will be funny if nothing else
  • Have a few events coming up over the next few weeks, can't wait for them :)

8 things on my wishlist

  • Avon Supershock Gel Liner
  • Benefit Cha Cha Tint
  • Clarisonic
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
  • A nice new moisturiser/skin care set
  • Lancome L'absolu Nu 203
  • Bobbi Brown Sapphire eyeliner
  • Mac lipstick in Hue

8 words/phrases I use a lot

  • Pain in the flaps
  • Shaaa aaap (said with an English accent like Phil in Eastenders)
  • Absolute, as in "she is a pain in the absolute flaps"
  • Ultimate, as in "am looking forward to the ultimate night out :)"
  • Vamanos (totally embracing the Spanish senorita in me)
  • Gee bag
  • Blips (as in this costs 10 blips)
  • Positively Vonnegutesque (from Bridget Jones)

8 things I have learned from the past

  • Have learned not to rush head first into things
  • I am a great judge of character
  • My gut instinct is usually right
  • To have faith in myself that I might actually be good at something :)
  • Do not get locked and try to find Dakota, you will walk around that block and pass the front and back entrance about 5 times but will not see it.  Drink is evil :)
  • Learned to know who to trust
  • People can shock you, people you wouldn't expect
  • Stick to your guns when you know you're right!

8 places I would love to visit

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Egypt
  • San Francisco
  • Italy
  • New York again
  • Vegas again
  • Ocean City, Maryland again (did my J1 there and loved it)

8 things I love about winter

  • My snow boots, warm, cozy and most of all, waterproof!
  • Watching X Factor and Strictly at the weekends all wrapped up cosy
  • I get to wear my panda hat with two bobbles for ears, girls at work tell me it makes me look "special"
  • Walking in the snow, I mean casual walking, none of this trying to get home in a shaggin blizzard and the trains and busses being cancelled, no, just a nice meander through the streets, so peaceful
  • Big bowls of stew, mammy style
  • My birthday is in December, think I might actually celebrate it this year and do something cool :)
  • Christmas! and the shopping that goes with it :)
  • My winter coat, bought years ago in Old Navy, I love it and it keeps me warmy cozy :)

8 bloggers I am tagging

I tag anyone who wants to do this post, it's harder than it looks!  I was able to get the first 4/5 in each category and then got stuck :)


  1. Lie to me is back on!!! Thursdays on sky one :o) x

  2. Brothers and sisters is cancelled what the flaps??

    new HP film looks amazeballs, seen trailer today

  3. Hannah - I've seen that season already, I was downloading it cos didnt know when it was gonna be back on Sky, so I am finished with them all, doh!

    Deefu - yeah, i cant believe it! loved that show so much, ooh i must check out the trailer, cant waittt!

  4. Vamanos, haha I love that word! :) Great facts, I have trouble thinking of things as well.

  5. if i didnt know before, from this post I know we will get on very well indeed (ye gee bag )

  6. great post hun! Definitely agree with you re Virgils + the Olive Garden they are amazing! We only went because you recommended them!

    You going to something fun on Monday?


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