Thursday, June 23, 2011

Using "the good stuff" - volume 1

Earlier this week, I read this post on which asked if you were an equal opportunist when it comes to blush.  It made me think that I am, in fact, an equal opportunist and do not let price affect my love or need to try a certain product.  I will buy (almost) anything, no matter the price, if it's something I want to try.  But here lies the problem.  Yes, I am an equal opportunist buyer of products, but I'm not an equal opportunist user of products. 

It made me think about the different products I have in my stash and in the words of Carrie Bradshaw (please indulge me as I have been waiting to use this phrase forever), I couldn't help but wonder, why do I save my more expensive makeup for special occasions and use my more affordable products on a day to day basis?

I have some expensive products in my stash from my many trips to Sephora and I have some more affordable products too.  See, I like to keep and save the expensive products so that I don't "waste" them (those are my famous last words) and a lot of the time, this has backfired on me.  When I was going through my stash and organising it in my lovely unit, I came across some of my beloved Stila lipglosses that now stink to high heaven.  The same with mascaras.  I was absolutely raging with myself because it was such a waste of money. 

Looking around at my bits and pieces,I realised that I do the same thing with handbags, so I decided enough was enough and started using a handbag that I'd gotten for my birthday back in December but was too summery to use until now.  And I also brought out of storage a cute little Coach wristlet that I got on sale last year in NY.

As regards my makeup, I even separated my expensive stuff from my affordable bits!  They get their own drawer and I like to admire them more than actually use them.  And as I think about the posts I've done since starting the blog, the majority of the makeup looks and reviews are about drug store products and I've neglected my "fancier" products.  So this is my plan ladies.  I will give each brand a week of love at a time.  These products need to be used, loved and reviewed!  And it's ok if I use them up, because it gives me a reason to check out some more products and that's always a good thing!

So between now and my holiday next week and in honour of the Benefit event held this Saturday in Brown Thomas, I will be using all of the Benefit products in my stash, which are these beauties:

I am hoping that Cha Cha Tint will join this happy family soon!

I don't have a Benefit foundation yet so will use one of my regular ones for now.  I think I have everything else covered!

So question of the day, do you keep your "good stuff" for special occasions or do you use them every day?  Please tell me I'm not alone!


  1. All of you make up, wow! The organisation is so fab!

  2. Awww, I want your makeuo stash asap! lol...I try use my expensive makeup only from time to time, for I don't always afford to spoil myself with them! Jealous of you Benefit goodies there! xx

  3. I'm a use the nice stuff every day kind of gal. After all, what do we work hard for? It's a nice start to the day too.

  4. Im like that when it comes to clothes... I think whatever I have bought is too nice to wear and I might ruin it, but when whenever I do eventually want to wear it, it either doesnt fit or I dont like it! WASTE!! Gonna start wearing all my nice things from now on!

  5. I use a mix of both daily, but most of my makeup are drugstore brands.
    What do you think of Georgia? i'm currently debating getting it.

  6. Thanks Leanne, if you could only see the state of it now hehe

    ArtDonatella - I cant afford them either,these are all from ages ago when i was much richer hehe

    Mariga - Thats a very good point! I will go to work feeling fabaliss tomorrow :)

    Bargain Queen - yes you need to do that and show them all to us!

    louweevil - I think with blogging, i like to try different things and drugstore brands mean i can buy loads more items! Re Georgia, I cant remember how I feel about it, will do reviews of the products over the next week and let you know how I get on :)

  7. Holy Fuck Balls Batman, i thought i had a lot of make up but i am just the student here oh wise teacher, i bow to thee. i totally keep the good stuff for "Big nights out" and throw any aul slap on for work.

  8. Oh wow I'm seriously jealous!would love a few hours playing with that lot!

  9. Deefu - you need to do a makeup collection post so i can feel good about myself hehe i always feel bad showing my stash, but it is all loved, even if it's not used ;P

    Anne-Marie - I really don't appreciate it all enough, am gonna start being good and showing love to "the good stuff" heeh

  10. So jealous of your amazing stash.

    I try to use a good mix of products everyday and not just keep stuff for 'good wear'.

  11. Seriously coveting your makeup collection!!!! Esp the MAC eyeshadows!

  12. That's a mini sephora all of your own!! Where did u get the boxes to organise it all??

  13. You have a really nice collection. I tend to use my high end products on "regular days", just depending on what I wear, if I have time, etc.

  14. OMG. 0_o
    I just realised, you're so right. I do the exact same thing. I'm not a make up snob but I save the more expensive for "special occasions".
    Or, I do it with the ones I like best, so I won't run out, and I end up using just the mediocre ones.
    I'm just sick :P

  15. Soooo true!!! When I was a young 'un I used to stash nice notepaper and copies, etc. never used them - went to waste. Then I realised I was doing the same with makeup, clothes, bags too! Anyway, I try not to now but it's tough haha!
    That's one impressive makeup collection btw :)

  16. hahah omg you are so right about saving the expensive stuff for special occasion:) I do the same thing :P loving the benefit collection

  17. I'm so jealous! Can I have your benefit goodies? haha :)

  18. Those drawer organisers are fab. Where did you get them?

  19. Jayzus K, you've a fair collection going there! I know what you mean about more prestigious brands and using them differently, I do the same sometimes primarily because they cost me an arm and a leg! Great post! xx

  20. Cornflakegirl - thanks! i am getting there on mixing it up a bit :)

    Chantelle - I need to depot those shadows pronto,but then I'll have loadsa space in that drawer!

    Dellers - I got them all from Ikea,here be the details

    Ms Bubu - Thanks :) It feels weird using my higher end stuff all the time now hehe

    Y - You're not sick, you're the same as moi, and we're not sick, are we? hehhe

    Shelleyti - I used to do the same with fancy paper and stickers too hehe am such a weirdo!

    iheartmexoxo - makes me happy that I'm not alone in doing this :)

    Vintage Makeup - hehe I love my Benefit goodies and added to the collection yesterday!

    SweetLikeJelly - Am loving my drawer organisers too, here's the original post :)

    Simone G - I'm a collector, what can I say, I'm gonna have to start caking it on to use it all up :)


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