Friday, July 22, 2011

Catrice Infinite Matt foundation

Back in March or April, I picked this foundation up as I went searching for a gel liner from Catrice.  What was I thinking, me only buying one product?  Eh no, so anyway, I saw this and after swatching it, thought that it was the perfect shade for me.  Not too yellowy or pinky in the undertone department, it was very neutral, shade 020 Honey Beige.  And at €6.99 I was sold.

Now, I've been using this foundation a good bit since then and have meant to review it but am glad I didn't blog about it until now.  And here's why.  This is how I was getting the product from the bottle for the past 3 or 4 months.  

I twisted the cap off to reveal the wand which I applied directly to my brush or the back of my hand.  I thought this was only grand, I could control the amount of product I needed.  Bish bosh happy days.

Cut to me about a month ago picking it up very awkwardly and the cap came off in my hand.  I thought I'd broken it or not screwed the cap on properly when lo and behold, look what I found.  After three months of using it.  No exaggeration.

Yes, that is a pump you can see.  Of course it  makes sense to have a pump on foundation! I have since found out that the ladies over at Stylesiren also fell victim to The Hidden Pump Wot Has Made Us Feel Like Eejits.  Anywayyyyy....

On to the foundation itself.  It claims to be a "long-lasting, shine control, hydrating, oil free" foundation and I can tell you that it is exactly that.  I have an oily T zone and this stuff stays put for the entire day.  It's a lovely, thick foundation that blends beautifully with medium coverage (for me anyway).  It says it has light reflecting particles and you can see if the bottom photo that my skin doesn't look flat.  It has a really light fresh scent and it dries to a matte finish but doesn't look cakey at all.  I took some before and after photos with and without the flash so you can take a look.

Please 'scuse the mad looking hair thanks... This is what not using the Babyliss Big Hair looks like!

I can't say enough good things about this foundation and at €6.99, it's completely worth a try and I have passed on my wisdom about the pump too.  But, out of spite, I have continued to use it the old way, no foundation is gonna make me feel like a fool... (except this one but I'm choosing to ignore that).  

Have any of you tried this foundation and were you all smarty pants and found the pump right away?


  1. I bought it after seeing you recommend it. Price is excellent and I love it so far. My mam complimented my skin yesterday sayin it looked glowing.....happy days. Don't like the smell though.

  2. Ha! A pump! really funny! i'm still looking for the pump on my double wear :P i guess estee lauder must get a patent for the invisible foundation pump :D
    i too felt like an idiot when i read on someone's blog that the bottom of NYX lippies is actually a tiny pot of colour/balm too, not just the shade as i stupidly thought. And i had a couple lipsticks for over a year and never realized that. So not to worry, everyone has D'OH makeup moments!
    lovely post, xox

  3. PAH! This is something I would do too, but they didn't make it very clear did they?! Looks like a nice foundation, didn't even know Catrice was sold in Ireland?!

  4. deedee - I didnt even realise it had a smell until today when I was writing this post, I always put it on the face and then onto my hand so I can describe it and smell it hehe sounds weird i know, glowing skin is good though!

    Andrea - Ooh I dint know that about the NYX lippies either, I dont own any but thanks for the heads up for when I do get some, and lets be honest, we know I will buy some soon heeh

    Julie - I really felt like such a numpty when I realised it hehe Catrice is in Penneys, some pharmacies, the site has a list of stockists, amazing products and prices, would deffo recommend to a friend :)

  5. LOL, my friend- that's the way you do it: be honest, I shall deny my share of Shiseido dumb-ass-ness as long as I can, so my secret's safe with me :D!

    PS - You look lawwwwwvely! Mwah xx

    Oh and PPS: My captcha word is 'CYTOSTA' well I'll be!

  6. ArtDonatella - I forgot about the Shiseido thing hehehhehe that was too feckin funny, we're as bad as each other! Giggling to myself now at that heheheh

  7. LMAO too, it's true I'm a menace, just like you! :P xx

    PS - Verification code this time 'chive' Oyyyyy!

  8. `hehe that is so funny... i love foundation is going to make me feel like and ejit ..heheh

    brill post

    i have never tried the catrice foundation when I use up my multiple ones I may give it a whirl.

    great tip on the nyx lipstick..if only they sold them close by

  9. I have never seen Catrice products in N Ireland... what a jip! I had a wee chuckle there about the pump!! x

  10. This happened to me with Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour! Felt like a right idiot when I found out it had a pump!

  11. I was so excited when the first Catrice stand opened in Wexford last week. Bought 2 cream blushers but the pigment is too light. Got a mascara too, went on lovely but irritated my eyes after a few days. Still tempted to get this foundation though, all the reviews are great.

  12. You're looking really gorgeous in these pics K, even the before pics are fab! I have a lot of foundation products to work through but when they're gone, I'm picking this up fo' sho!

  13. I lol'ed at this :D All of the photos look great (if I did a before pic it would be blotch central!) and your eye makeup is just gorgeous - what did you use??

  14. Exactly the same thing happened to me!!! I found it quite strange and difficult to take foundation out of the contained without a pump, so I investigated a bit in the internet and saw pics of it with a pump and then realized it had become stuck. Lol.

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