Friday, July 15, 2011

Seche Vite - the immediate pick me up for nails

Seche Vite, one of my favourite products of this year and this little post will show you why.  I do not apply nail polish without adding this quick drying top coat over it.  It makes my nails smooth, weirdly smooth, to the point that I often find myself stroking my nails, yes, am a weirdo.  The shine is fabulous and makes it look like you've had a proper manicure, not a DIY one at home!

Anyway, last night I didn't put it on over my polish for the purpose of this post.  I applied two coats of a nail polish I got in Spain that is my absolute favourite coral polish of all the ones I own, €2.50 from Mercadona and it's shade 76.  I applied it a couple of hours before bed time and when I woke up, I was left with dents, scutchy marks and sheet marks, not pleasant.  I went about my work day where I use my hands a lot.  I came home and decided instead of taking the polish off and starting again, I would bring it back to life using Seche Vite and it validated my love for it.  Take a look see:

On the left are my nails after about 18 hours or so and on the right is one coat of Seche Vite.

Obviously it cant do anything to help the chips but look at the shine, isn't it preeeeety??  I used the flash on the camera to show the shine properly so the colour is washed out a bit.  If there are any spanish ladies reading this or anyone heading to Spain, get yourself into Mercadona, their polishes are amaaaaazing!

Above shows the polish with and without the flash to try and show you the colour of the polish.  I bought a second one for a giveaway so stay tuned!

Seche Vite is available in Boots and I will check the price properly tomorrow but it's about €13, well worth it, cannot say enough good things about it.

Has anyone tried Seche Vite?  What do you think of it or is there an even better fast drying top coat out there?


  1. Ooooh I thought you could only apply seche vite to wet polish?

  2. I am the same stroking my nails so shiny .. My tiny bottle has gone gloopy though

  3. ScienceGeek - yeah I usually apply it to wet polish, this was just a way of getting another day or so out of this polish hehe As I type this I keep stopping to rub my nails hehe

  4. I got seche vite a while ago expecting it to stop chips but even though it doesn't help with that much it really does make your nails so shiny!! x

  5. Such a difference in shine, never tried it before x

  6. The spanish polish is beautiful! :)

  7. I didn't try it, but i like it how it looks!

  8. Still dying to try this K, even more so after this post! But at the moment I am using and loving the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat and finding it fab. x

  9. i gave SV another go after reading your post but i still find that it either makes my nail polishes "shrink" at the tips or favourises wear, can't really decide.
    i love my OPI quick dry top coat, works a treat with all OPI polishes i own and all others too. HG material :D
    have used the insta-dri too but it's not as shiny and long lasting as opi.
    thank you for the post though, i throughly enjoy every single one x

  10. Actionmags - you know that means you're allowed to buy another one right? its the law ;P

    Radiant.MakeUp - yeah my polish still chips with it too, am very rough with my nails but I change the colours so much I dont mind :)

    YourBeauty - You gotta give it a go Andreea!

    Vintage Makeup - thanks mrs :)

    The Make Up Fairy - I love me some Spanish polish too! Am heading back in September so hopefully they get new colours in :)

    Marina - isn't it pretty!

    fluff and fripperies - I must give the Sally Hansen one a go when I finish my bottle, have only heard good things about it

    Andrea - I might have to treat myself to the OPI one before the end of the year! Glad you enjoy the posts, thanks for reading and commenting :)


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