Monday, August 29, 2011

As Cher said "If I could turn back tiiiiime" - Lovely Girlie Bits and their debs

Once upon a time, many years ago, and I mean many, there weren't even digital cameras back then, I had to take a photo of the photo so I could show you, Joanne and I had our debs.  I will not say when because it's too depressing but 'twas many moons ago....

Mine was first and I set the standard for the Constantines in the family.  My auntie made my dress.  Yep.  I was wearing haute couture *ahem*  There was no talking to her and my mam so I just let them have at it and look at the bloody state of me...

Joanne (L), Karen (R)
I couldn't find any other photos of us, I'd say mam probably has more but let me talk you through my dress first.  Well, it was floor length with a slit up the back, black material with a silver pinstripe running through it, yeah, I said pinstripe for a debs dress.  Sigh.  For some colour they wanted to drape that red silky material across the front and what you can't see is that it draped over my shoulders and cascaded down past my elbows.  Yes, we pretended I was Superman for the night.

She made those horrific red long sleeve/glove monstrosities and if you look really closely, you can see that they loop around my middle finger.  They were peeled off as soon as we got in the car after the obligatory "ah, wouldya look, isn't she lovely" mortifying photos.  I wore, wait till you hear it, black velvet court shoes with big clumpy heels.  All in the name of comfort and sure wouldn't we be up all night dancing.  Yes, dancing in my suit material pinstriped dress.  I wore some cheap bling and red nail polish.

But let me say that this night and this abomination of an outfit is the sole reason why I haven't worn red lipstick up until the L'Oreal Colour Trophy awards earlier this year.  I was so traumatized by this that I couldn't bear to slick some red lippie on and that is a lot of years to go through life with no red lipstick.  So thank you Claire and Aoife for inviting me to those awards and giving me the courage to go glam and now associate red lipstick with that amazing night rather than my bloody debs.

The only thing that I did like about my ensemble that night was my hair.  At the time I had really long hair and a family friend came do to it.  It was a gorgeous updo that was held together with countless bobby pins and an obscene amount of hairspray.  It. Did. Not. Budge.  Not even after I got home and took all the clips out.  A grand hairstyle altogether.

As Joanne is away and is not here to describe her outfit, I will do the best I can.  I was away the summer before her debs so wasn't involved in choosing this long black and midnight blue spangley dress that actually looks a little bit see through now that I look at it.  I believe I see a boxy black velvet handbag, not unlike something The Queen totes around with her and she had black velvet sandals on, I do remember that because I robbed them one night on her and they cut the feet off me like no other shoe.  And of course, lots and lots of curly hair, or would we call them ringlets?!

So ladies, that is what our parents let us go out looking like back then.  If you would like to join us on our trip down memory lane, feel absolutely free to email me a photo of you at your debs and I'll make a post for the craic.  Or do your own post and show the world!


  1. Oh my god this post is the crack, i nearly pissed myself while reading it. There ain't no way i'm putting up my Debs pic, Scarlet for my life

  2. This is so funny, fair play to ye for putting them up, I love seeing people's debs pictures!! If I could find one of mine I'd stick it up, I was going through a Goth phase at the time so you can imagine the state of me... :) Think I got rid of them all, either that or only one or two existed in the first place haha :)

  3. Mercifully I don't think a pic exists of mine but if memory serves me right it was a floor length black dress which sounds ok, right? Except it was crocheted. Oh yeah.

  4. I actually think these are nices dresses they are
    Not really dated ... Que sad music ... I didn't have a debs my school was too small ... More sad music ... I am quite happy as I was. Such a tomboy at the time ... Que action music ... That when there was talk of debs I was going to wear a tux. Que James bond music.... It never happened and I am not scarred for life

  5. Ha, brilliant post Karen and I'm glad you've gotten over your aversion to red lippie.

    I didn't go on my debs so there are no photos to share with the world.

  6. Fabulous post Karen, I actually laughed out loud. My dress was alright, a red satiny number but my hair was the thing I remembeslicer, slicked back so tight everyone thought I'd had a facelift!

  7. Aw it's not too bad! Loving the red lippie on you :) ADORE the hair!

  8. Awwwww, bless you! You girls were gorgeous, loving this post, loving IT!

    Sadly I don't have any photos from my debs (graduation ball-is that what it is?), but I wore an animal print deux piece, to die for! I acrually looked good and would wear that again :D! xoxo

  9. Deefu - I can't believe I actually put that photo up too hehe

    MissGreenEyes - Deffo put your pic up if you can find it!

    fluff and fripperies - the word "crocheted" cracked me up! you poor thing hehe

    Actionmags - funniest comment everrrrr!!!

    cornflakegirl - ah that's a shame there are no mortifying photos heeh

    Vintage Makeup - thanks lovie :)

    ArtDonatella - I bet you looked gorgeous, typical ehehehe

  10. Bloody hilarious post! I didn't have a Debs as not in Ireland and didn't have a prom because in the UK in 1986 we were still a Country in our own right rather than a subsidiary of the US of A, so no prom & no trick or treat either back then! Its only a matter of time before we all start celebrating Thanksgiving I reckon!

  11. Very funny post,love it, I didn't have debs,I am afraid what could I choose,hehehehe


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