Friday, August 12, 2011

The Best in Awards 2011!

Last night something scary happened..... It was a phenomenon unlike anything the Interweb has seen.... For a few short hours the world of Twitter stood still and was silent...

Because we were all at The Best in Awards 2011!  (As if you didn't know, I mean, come on, it's all we've been talking about for weeks now.)  Aisling and Kirstie Mc Dermott, the queens of polled us Irish ladies to pick our favourite products of the beauty world.  I love polls like these, it took me ages to choose my favourites and I was convinced that every single choice of mine would win...

The Dylan Hotel was the gorgeous venue and the drinks of choice were courtesy of West Coast Cooler (the rose one is way too easy to drink).  We swanned around the terrace, glammed up to the nines, pinkys in the air as we toasted The Best in  Maybe we didn't have pinkys up, or swan around, but there was an amazing atmosphere and it was very comforting to be around so many other make up and beauty lovers like myself, kindred spirits galore.  The laughs were plenty and many chats were had.  So much so that I took a magnificent five photos.  Five.

Sinead, Andreea and moi

Left to right: Sue, Paula, Andreea, Mags, Ciara, Dee, Claire and Sile
The awards themselves provided us with some surprises.  I think we were all a little surprised that Mac Studio Fix Fluid won best foundation, I thought Testy Broader's Triple Flair would have won that hands down.  And the humble face cloth won Best Skincare Tool/Accessory?!  Eat your heart out muslin cloths everywhere!  Take a look at the full rundown here and feel completely smug if any of your choices won, or even better, if you own some of the winners.  I now have a new list of things I want to try.

Claire and yours truly (I totes went Jersey Shore with my leopard dress, all I was missing was the Snooky poof)
You can check out much more photos on the Facebook page since I don't think any of our gang actually took photos!  The night was ended by a trip to Eddie Rockets where we figured we'd done so much laughing and burned off the calories, that we were allowed to treat ourselves!

Thanks so much Aisling and Kirstie for having us there.  You are both true inspirations and I've said it before but I'll say it again, you're the reason I started blogging and I don't know what I did with my free time before this!  You are what we call in the business "the mothership" and we all look up to you, so keep up the amazing work and roll on The Best in Awards 2012!


  1. Raging I missed empt your pockets! x

  2. *sniff*
    we're not worthy - thanks a millon for this!

  3. It was a great night. And you took five more photos than I managed.

    I love that pic of you, Andreea and Sinead. You look fabulous.

  4. Hehe, five photos is better than no photo (or better said one photo in the toilet :D)! Great craic missus, and loving the intro to the Awards, hehe, very funny :D xo

  5. great post hun, and great night

  6. Looks like so much fun! :) You look lovely!!

  7. Oh my God, I love your photos, you look faboulous, your blog is getting better and better, I am addicted to it. : )/

  8. Yas looked fab girlies :) x x x

  9. Karen the more I know ya the more I love ya.. Had a ball.


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