Saturday, August 6, 2011

Deborah Lippmann - Across The Universe - the jewel in my nail polish collection

I have been lusting after this nail polish for ages, well maybe a couple of months but it felt light ages.  Anyway, I found myself in Dundrum a few weeks ago and while my friend was chatting to a YSL sales assistant, I perused happily.  I had forgotten that House of Fraser sell Deborah Lippmann nail polishes and when I saw the stand, I will admit, I gave a little squeak.  Just a little one, but a squeak nonetheless.

Ladies who love the nail polish.  I would like to introduce you to the jewel in my nail polish collection (for one thing, it is the most expensive polish I've ever bought *ahem* €19 *ahem* so basically the price of a small jewel) and it is the shade Across The Universe.

First up, just look at it.  It is beautiful and I can safely say I have nothing else like it in my collection.  It is, however, so hard to photograph properly!  These photos really and truly do not do this nail polish justice.  It is stunning.  It has tiny sky blue glitter in the base, along with bigger green and blue hexagonal glitter bits, all in a navy jelly base.

It takes a good three to four coats of this to bring out it's full beauty.  Here is one coat.  I nearly had heart failure when I applied the first coat, I thought, "is this it?"

Across the universe after one coat
After lashing on a couple more coats, this is what it looked like...

As I said, I have taken dozens of photos trying to capture it's beauty but it has to be seen in person, so you're all welcome to come visit my nails :)

Still more photos...

So ladies, I swore I would never spend this amount of money on a nail polish but now the floodgates have been opened.  I have seen at least three more of these types of polishes that I want and have just seen a photo of an upcoming Deborah Lippmann polish called Do Ya Think I'm Sexy over on BritishBeautyBlogger and my answer is yes!  Yes I do!  Cannot wait to get my paws on more of these but the purse strings will have to be tightened first.  Saving must be done but will be totally worth it.

Has anyone tried any Deborah Lippmann polishes?  If so, be a good enabler and tell me which ones I need to try....



  1. Beautiful! I would buy this for the name alone!

  2. It is GORGEOUS. What are the visiting hours?!

  3. Omg HELLO! I need to stop making noises when reading blog posts. Family members might get worried! D x

  4. Oh my word. That is beautiful. I think I nearly bought this exact polish but just couldn't quite bring myself to drop the €19 on it at the time... it's back on the list for next time I'm flush :)

  5. OMG! i loveeeeee this!! ive just got 'happy birthday' which is full of glitter and a total pain to get of!
    i need this!so pretty :) x

  6. Im all over glitzy polish right now!


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