Saturday, August 20, 2011

Green Angel Seaweed Hand Cream

A couple of months ago, I was given the Green Angel Seaweed Hand Cream (rrp €19.95) as a thank you present from a friend.  And now I get to say thank you back to her because it is lush, so thanks Alma!

Green Angel is an Irish brand that use seaweed and essential oils to create luxurious natural hair care skin care products.  I've heard about seaweed being used because of it's therapeutic benefits but had never tried anything containing it, until now.  Here be the rest of the ingredients of the hand cream in case you want to go all Blue Peter and make your own, although it might be better to visit the showroom instead to see how it's made.

Let's talk about the packaging.  It comes in a glass jar, so not very practical for clumsy yokes like me, but it sits safely on my bedside table, ready for action at a moment's notice.  The Green Angel website quotes a price of €19.95 for 50 mls.

The cream itself is lovely and thick and the first thing I smell is the lavender when I open the pot.  As I rub it into my hands, the essential oils are released and it smells absolutely divine.  As you know, I cannot describe scents to save my life but the first time I had a whiff of the hand cream, I thought it smelled a bit like Sudocrem, so that might give you a better reference than anything I can describe!

It sinks into the skin beautifully leaving not a smidge of a greasy feeling.  That is my pet hate about hand creams, I can't do ones that leave my hands slippy and gross.  This is the business though.  I work in a hospital and we have to wash our hands a lot and use the alcohol gel all the time, so my poor hands are always really dry.  I like to keep a hand cream on my desk to keep my hands in decent shape.  Thing is, this is the most luxurious hand cream in my stash, so I don't want to bring it to work and risk dropping it/people digging their fingers in to it (someone actually dug their finger into a pot of my lip balm once when I was away from my desk, nearly vommed and immediately threw it in the bin) so I don't want that happening.  So this pot of heaven has it's place on my bedside table and is a treat to use every night.

You can check out their website or local pharmacies to learn more about their products.  But right now ladies,  in the words of Robbie Williams, I'm loving Green Angels instead!


  1. I am laughing about the person who put their finger in your lip balm! I am obsessed with that! Same circular motion in the pot always and lord help anyone who messes it up!

  2. I own two of the green angel products, the night cream is fantastic but the collagen day cream, say away from it. I don't use it that often but I notice whenever I go back to it a good bit is gone, its as if it evaporates.

  3. I used this hand cream and it is fab - all their products are super good. Luxury

  4. With you on the alcohol gel. Hate it. Ruins my hands. Also skin crawling at someone using your lipbalm. Was thinking of getting some of this


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