Monday, August 15, 2011

It's not you, it's me, no wait, it's you!

Being a make up and beauty lover is an expensive habit.  But since discovering the world of Youtube and blogging, I've been a good make up junkie and done my research when buying products.  This doesn't always go to plan though.  There are always those impulse buys that end up coming back to bite me on the bum.  So rather than do a post on each item, which is boring, for me to write anyway, I went through my stash and found the products that disappointed me the most.

First up is Essence's Quick Dry Topcoat.  As you know my heart belongs to Seche Vite in the topcoat section of my life but I'm always on the hunt for other products in case they're better.  So I picked this up a few months ago, tried it once and that was it.  Today I tried it again and remembered why I tried it the once.  An hour after applying this stuff, I can still press on my nail and leave fingerprints!  This does not make me happy.  Update, about 5 hours after applying this topcoat to my lovely nails, I went to bed.  Woke up with nails like this:

Not a good look, I hate sheet marks!  My Seche Vite never did this so bye bye Essence Topcoat.

I got this Aussie Miracle Colour Insurance leave-in conditioner back when my hair was dark so that it would help keep the colour for longer.  It didn't.  The End.

Back when I got my hair cut, I went mad trying different products to help me style my hair.  I'm in love with my VO5 volumizing mousse but this stuff freaked me out.  It's a cream wax and since I don't use many products on my hair, I hadn't a baldy notion what this was, but since the packaging was pink and the cream was pink, what was not to like?  The weird texture, that's what.  It was so icky, picking up some of the cream and then rubbing it between my hands where it went all sticky and then they want me to put that in my hair?!  I did but couldn't get past the weirdness of it all, just not for me.  Even as I type this I just want to wipe my hands.

After The Great Pink Eye Catastrophe of 2011, I tried out this eye make up remover.  I love the cucumber wipes from Boots so was excited to give this a go and sure it was cheap as chips.  Chips would have probably done a better job removing my make up.  It just didn't work for me and I spent ages rubbing at my poor little eyes.

Next up is an eye duo from Jemma Kidd that I got in TK Maxx a few months ago.  I bought this blind, as in it was in a sealed plastic container so there was frantic googling happening when deciding whether to buy it or not.  When I opened it at home I was delighted, it looked gorgeous.  Midnight blue cream base?  Yes please. Silver glitter that sticks to base?  Ah sure go on.  Except it wouldn't go on.  The base applied nicely and that was it.  The glitter would not stick to my base.  I tried sweeping it, patting it, pushing it, cajoling it and glitter was going everywhere except onto the base.  Didn't work for me.  Raging.  

This final product breaks my heart to tell you about.  It's from Stila.  My most favouritest brand ever in life.  But I've always promised full disclosure ladies.  I got this eye mousse a couple of weeks ago in TK Maxx and once again, bought it blind.  When I opened it, I was happy to see it was a colour I would use.  Grand job.  Except the consistency was a bit weird.  It wasn't moussey at all.  Now, I've never used an eye mousse from Stila before so I don't know what the consistency actually is, but in my head I thought it was going to be like the Maybelline foundation and blush mousses.  This was very hard and dense and no brush was picking up any product.  So I went in with my ring finger.  It felt like I was rubbing it more back *into* the pot, hardly anything came out on my finger.  Am very sad about this.  I thought we were going to be really happy together, but it was not meant to be.  It will not deter me from buying more eye mousses from Stila, I'll just check them out in Boots Liffey Valley first.

When going through my products for this post, I simply rifled through my stash saying "This didn't work for me, that didn't work for me" and so on.  As I was typing this, I noticed a general trend with these products.  They were ones I just went out and bought without any research.  Now I know it would be boring to research every single product I'm ever going to buy because how boring would that be?  No impulse shopping?!  But I suppose for inexpensive items like these, I don't mind trying them out so much.  But you will rarely find me buying an expensive product without having read reviews on blogs beforehand.  I hate wasting money on something and as I said before, beauty blogging is expensive so I'll keep on researching and everyone keep on reviewing products!

So tell the truth ladies, what products have disappointed you or haven't worked for you?


  1. I giggled to myself a few times while reading that post! As I was reading it I realised I have a good few products that disappointed me as well and yeah, all impulse buys!

  2. The next day wake-up-and-discover-a-nail-catastrophe thing annoys me so much! argh!

  3. Love this post

    Great idea

    I think that mouse is supposed to be softer .. The one s I have are probably all dry by now

  4. Great post lady, so sad on your behalf about the Jemma Kidd shadows and Stila mousse, sob!

  5. I share the same feelings with you on the essence quick dry top coat. I only use it to stick rhinestones in place. Their high shine top coat is amazing though :)

  6. Great post Karen, I definitely have to go through my stash and do a similar post.

    The Essence Quick Dry Top Coat wasn't quick drying for me either.

    Shame about the Stila mousse and Jemma Kidd stuff though.*sigh*.

  7. Even more annoying when everyone raves about a product and it just won't work for you!

  8. Great to know which products to avoid! Gutted about the Stila eye mousse :( Always wanted to try them!

  9. I love these kind of posts, I find them so helpful and interesting! x

  10. Those are totally 'bed nails' :(! You know when you wake up with a 'bed hair', well these are so much worse! Stila, ooooh, I feel your pain, I have an eyeshadow quad from them that's pure...crap! :(

  11. yeah I'm with mags - the eye mousse is just ancient! I think (could be wrong) the stila stuff in TK maxx is mad cheap because it's all about 4-5 years old. It all looks like stuff from before it even came back in the US a couple of years ago, so god knows what some of it must be like!

  12. Its such a shame the cucumber gel didn't work for you, I absolutely love it! You do have to soak a pad in it but if you hold it over the eye then sweep and wiggle it should remove. Does take a few goes but it is quite cheap!
    Cant believe the way the nail polish dented after all that time, such bad quality!


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