Thursday, August 11, 2011

My name is Joanne and I'm a scarf-aholic!

I don't know what it is about scarves, maybe it's their comfy-ness, maybe their cheapness, but I *love* them.  I'm always on the look out for them, even without realising it, and over the years I have managed to build up quite a collection so I thought I would share some of them with you lovely people :)

I love them all.  Each one is a different colour, different material, casual or dressy.  Some I have gotten as gifts and others I have gotten in the markets in Spain for as little as €1!  I'm off to Spain again soon and I honestly
can't wait to go to the scarf man stall (that's what we call him) to see what he has.

But of course I do have my favourites, its only natural!

This scarf I got free in Benetton in Drogheda.  They had a competition on Facebook a few months ago and somehow I won a €25 voucher for the shop.  Karen pointed out this scarf and I had to have it.  It's a really long loop, dusty dark blue and light blue tie dye and a really soft material.  It's just gorgeous and would have cost me €18 if I bought it myself.

This next scarf Karen brought me back from her recent travels in Spain, which she purchased off the scarf man. I love it because it's a really light material, but so colourful as-well.  Perfect cute scarf for Spring, Summer or Autumn.

The last time I was in Spain with my Mam I got the following scarves off the scarf man in the market.  He had so many colours so I had to get a few, and for €1 it had to be done.  These scarves are really light and sheer and hang really nice when worn.  They did have tassles on the ends of them which were awful, so we spent a night in Spain cutting them all off and they look so much better now.

Last but not least, I got this scarf a couple of years ago in Oasis on sale for around €12.  It was my first piece of "leopard print" but I love the contrast of the blue and the black together.  It's a really soft material and looks fab when worn against something white.

What items of clothing or accessories are you addicted to?

Thanks for reading.



  1. They're lovely though, every one.

    I go through phases of picking up every scarf I see!

    Did you see the x large, silky soft leopard print ones in Penney's atm?

    One is natural and the other grey with flashes of colour - €5 each! Rude not to ;)

  2. I really like scarves as well! I love the ones I can find at boot car sales, I can fins silk ones for a £1! I also like blazers, and this takes more space in my closet though!

  3. @CherrySue I did see those scarves!! All Penneys scarves at the mo are just fab but I had just bought 2 scarves the week before so I wouldnt allow myself get any more :(

    @MsBubu £1 for a silk scarf? That is some impressive car boot sale shopping!! Love it :) Am loving all the blazers in the shops at the mo too

  4. I am in love with scarves, they are so homely! I know what I mean. You have a lovely collection

  5. The leopard print one from oasis is gorgeous!

  6. Thanks ladies! I did see THE most amazing scarf in Warehouse and I should have gotten it but it was €29. It was proper leopard print and uber full. So soft and so cosy...raging now!

  7. I confess to having a bit of a scarf addiction myself Joanne, seems I'm in good company!

  8. I love scarfs too I also have the blue leopard print oasis... I always think if I dress simply I can dress it up with a scarf.. Then things don't fit and I wear a mis mash still add the scarft and look like a loon ... A happy cosy loon

  9. Oh my gosh thats a rather impressive collection!!


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