Sunday, September 4, 2011

Favourite Five posts of the week!

Another week over eh?  This will be the last Favourite Five posts of the week for a few weeks as I'll be jet setting it to Spain this Friday!

1. Laura over at Fitz N Bitz has a brilliant post about bitchiness in real life and in the blogging world.  I have see it so much in the blogging world lately, thinly veiled digs on Twitter, snippy comments left on other blogs and pathetic really.  I'm all for debating and having a difference of opinion and I'll be honest, I can be a proper bitch when I want to be, but I try to keep my online presence a bit more positive!  There are one or two out there that are starting to make a bad name for themselves with the increasing level of online bitchiness and I'm confident others will see it soon too :)

2. Fluff and Fripperies' Emma posted her very first face of the day! Woo Hoo!  She's gorgeous and is using an eye pencil that I now have my eye on, YSL Dessin Du Regard Long-lasting Waterproof Eye Pencil in Shimmering Burgundy, fabulous!

3. The ever hilarious Mags at Emerald Eyeliner has a must read post on tightlining and what *not* to do!

4. Dawn from Skinni Peach has inspired me to make my own scrubs after reading this post.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

5. I absolutely love Laura from Lollipop Loves and her monthly "Things I learned" posts never fail to make me laugh.  This is what she learned in August.  Number 6 cracked me up!

Let me know what you thought of these posts in the comments :)


  1. Once again I tip my virtual hat to you

  2. Off to check them all out, thanks Karen! :)

  3. I've been away from Friday afternoon so just catching up with this now - thanks so much for including me Karen, I heart ya babe x

  4. Thanks for that mention Karen :) Bitches eh!!?


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