Saturday, September 10, 2011

NOTD - Chanel Peridot

Being the wonderful sister I am I picked Karen up a bottle of Chanel's Peridot nail-varnish in Spain after hearing about it non stop for a while :)  The goldy/greeny colour of this nail-varnish is too hard to resist and I just *had* to try it on, and I love it!

Its so hard to capture the proper colour in a photograph but I tried my bestest :)

Without flash
Without Flash

With flash
As you can see, the colour changes constantly, which I love about this nail-varnish.  I recommend to get this, perfect colour for the Autumn

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  1. Isn't it Gorgeous!?

    Like you say, constantly changing colour, it's beautiful.

    I did a guest post using this for the base of peacock nails - love it :)

  2. I love it - I cant stop staring at my nails and moving my hands hehee

  3. I got it about a week ago and it's definitely one of those polishes that keeps you fixated on looking at your nails lol!

  4. Thanks ladies. I do love it! Think I might get the graphit one now too... eek!

  5. I have to be honest, even if the beauty bloggers of the world might hate me.
    I don't really like this color. :P
    I hope you'll find my honesty refreshing and not hate me hahahah :)

  6. @Y LOL of course I don't hate you. Everyone likes different things, its what makes everyone unique :)

  7. It's mesmerising, the way it changes in different lights!

  8. Gorgeous colour! I really want to get this.
    ♥ from one girly bits to another ♥


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