Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spanish Haul!

As some of you know, I have just come back from a two week holiday to Spain with my boyfriend.  Weather was amazing, food was fantastic - all in all it was a fab holiday!  So jellas Karen is over there at the moment!  Anyhoo here is a brief summary of what I got.

First up are some bargain pieces of jewellery I got:
The leopard print bangle and flower bracelet were bought in a small jewellery shop for €5 and €4 each.  The next bracelet and the ring are both leather and were hand made locally in Santa Pola.  The shop itself was full of handmade leather bags, belts, hats, wallets etc.  The guy who owns the shop sits by his till hand-making bags/belts while you shop, its lovely to see.  Will bought me the bracelet - its a greeny/grey colour and the softest leather ever and only €3.50.  The ring was free after we spent a small fortune in there one day :)

Top left is a Sephora brand eyeshadow - Hawaiian beach No 52.  I have this years and recently it ended up breaking into a million different pieces so had to get another one.  The two sets of earrings were bought for €4 each and the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream set I got in Duty Free on the way back.  It's the Skin Protector and Intentisve Daily Moisturiser for Face SPF 15.  I suffer from really dry/sensitive skin so I'm hoping this does the trick.

Next is where I'm showing the world I have a problem...  A few weeks ago I wrote this post about being a scarf-a-holic.  I actually didnt realise how many I had actually bought in Spain until I was showing them to Karen, and bare in mind, these aren't all the scarves I bought.  I have another 4 or 5 for presents too!

Some of these I bought for Karen too so please don't judge me ;)  My absolute favourite is the bottom right one, navy with white stars.  I got it in Pull & Bear for €10 and its a huge scarf, so soft and sooooo comfy.  I brought it on the plane to make sure I was extra comfy :)  I just LOVE scarves, they can dress up or down an outfit and I know each and every one will get great wear with the colder weather coming upon us.

I did buy a some tops in Sfera in Spain.  It's one of my fav clothing shops over in Spain - all the tops are in the wash except this one

I love the colour and the tiny little birds on it.  Perfect to pair with jeans and a nice comfy chunky knit cardi - which I have yet to find.  Will bought me the necklace I'm wearing and I *love* it.

Its by John Rocha - never knew he designed jewellery.  Its a matt silver with 9 small cut out stars.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Lurve the scarfs! That green one is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Chantelle! Told ya I had a problem! hehehe. The green one was only €2 in the market. I love that type of green - can't wait to wear it :)

  3. Great buys Hun! Love your necklace! I love John rochas jewellery I have 3 of his necklaces myself! X

  4. You are indeed a scarf-aholic!

    Makes me feel better about it - have been so tempted seeing all the new lovely scarves this season.

    Did you have a ball?

  5. @Claire I cant believe I didnt know John Rocha did jewellery. I'm usually so fussy when it comes to "nice" jewellery, I find it so hard to find something but I LOVE it :)

    @CherrySue I really have problems, don't I! I just love them and could have easily bought another 10. Had an amazing time, weather just gorgeous. Karen although is finding it a wee bit too hot I think hehe

  6. Great buys! I too am a scarfaholic and proud of it. Also, love the 8hr goodies, I found the fragrance took a bit of getting used to but the quality and the results are worth it!

  7. @Helen99 - yeah the smell is a bit strong but I used my sisters one night and the difference the next day was unbelievable so had to get my own :)

  8. When I saw the first picture I started to laugh and thought Joanne has been at scarfs again

    Love your purchases

  9. @actionmags - I just cant help myself :) Especially in the market, there is a stall dedicated to selling mainly scarves and the purples on with the navy stars was only €1 hehehe I'll always try to justify it :)

    @vintage makeup - thank you! I usually dont wear gold jewellery but I thoguht it was too pretty to pass up :)

  10. so cute :)
    I love absolutely everything you picked up!! x

  11. @radiant make up - thanks :) Wish I had more money though to buy more things! hehe


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