Friday, September 16, 2011

What came to Spain with me this time!

When I came to Spain earlier on in the year, I did my best to curtail the amount of make up and products I brought with me. The thing was, would I have learned from my past mistakes? Have a read here about what I brought the last time and what I actually used. This time I tried to listen to my past self and brought what I thought I would actually use. Look at me, trying to grow and be all wise!

Let’s start with the make up shall we?

From left to right we have YSL’s Eyebrow Pencil in shade 02, The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Bronzing Gel for Face, Benefit’s Cha Cha Tint, Catrice’s Gel Liner from the Out of Space collection in the shade Houston’s Favourite and Rimmel’s Vinyl Gloss with no shade whatsoever on the packaging.

There’s something missing in that photo isn’t there? Donde estas las mascaras? (me no speaky Espanol) Las mascaras are here, lookie lookie!

Top to bottom we have Bourjois’s Volume Fast & Perfect rotating mascara, Deliplus Longitud Xtrem mascara (from Mercadona in Spain), Max Factor’s False Lash Effect Fusion and La Roche-Posay’s Respectissime waterproof mascara that I’m currently testing out. You would think that was enough mascaras to bring on a holiday? Not para mi, no, I went and bought this in the duty free for the grand price of €19 something.

I caved and bought Benefit’s They’re Real mascara so stay tuned for a review on this soon!

These were my hair and skin products that made the cut and came on their holidays too.

Boots’ Sun Swim & Gym leave-in conditioner, VO5’s miracle concentrate and Lush’s Godiva solid shampoo bar were my hair products of choice. I couldn’t leave my current skin regime at home so Emma Hardie came to Spain with me. The balm melted a bit in the heat and got caught in the packaging leaving a lovely glaze on my tub, mucho annoying! My eye cream of choice that I’ve been testing out for the last 5 weeks or so came too but I can’t tell you about that yet, stay tuned for my review at the end of this month or the start of October.

My grubby little EOS lip balm ball came with me as did The Body Shop’s Coconut Lip butter and no holiday to Spain is complete for me without my cucumber wipes from Boots. These stay in the fridge, ready to cool me down after being out in the sun.

Finally are the polishes that made the all important cut!

From left to right we have Essie’s Billionails, fortifying phase two nail strengthener, Essie’s Bermuda Shorts, Laca de unas shade 76 (from Mercadona in Spain), Sally Hansen’s Calypso Blue, NYC’s Prospect Park Pink and Leighton Denny’s Viva la Diva. I have been here since last Friday night and haven’t bought a nail polish yet, aren’t you proud of me? Especially considering the last time I was here, I managed to bring 13 back with me. Restraint is my middle name these days. (That and the fact that I pretty much got all the colours I wanted the last time, but we’ll go with the fact that I’m restrained *ahem*) I am making the most of the sunshine here and getting every last bit of use out of my summer nail polishes before it’s time to delve into my Autumn colours….

So how did I do this time?


  1. I like this color od catrice gel eyeliner and also this pink polish from essie :)

    If u want follow me :) I had followed u for a long time :)
    Xoxo ;*

  2. That catrice gel liner is bloody gorgeous! It looks a bit like petrol coloured if you get me? Is it like that IRL? I need it! Damn Catrice not being available over here!


  3. ooh, you did very well my dear, felicitations! (if that's even spanish :P)
    cool idea about the cucumber wipes in the fridge!!!!!

  4. I was very impressed with how little you managed to bring...till I got to the 5 mascaras!! Did you use all of 'em? Hope you're having an amazing time and aren't you very dedicated to be blogging on your holliers!

  5. You did 10x better than me, I always always over pack :)
    Although you could have probably gotten away with 4 mascaras lol Really want to know what you think of the new benefit mascara too - I love bad gal but I've heard mixed reviews on this one!! x

  6. I usually go to Spain too, but unfortunately did not make it this year. I noticed you took the Body Shop coconut lip butter, I love the coconut range but have not tried this yet. Must try soon!

  7. Looking forward to the review of the mascara!

  8. I don't know but I'm not a fan of those Benefit tint. Ok I have only tried Posie Tint but still, the color barely show up on me and I'm pale! I ended up giving it away ): I really want to try that Body Shop lip butter though but I have to use up some more lipbalms before!

  9. That Catrice liner looks has it managed to pass me by?

  10. Do you have any look where i can see the blue eyeliner of Catrice in your eyes? !


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