Friday, October 14, 2011

Autumn nails with Butter London *updated with more photos!*

It is October and it is mighty warm in Ireland.  So much so that it doesn't really feel like autumn so I decided to play with some nail polish to get in the mood.  I've been waiting for the weather to get cooler so I could use this nail polish, Butter London's Perfect Prezzie.  This was part of their Christmas 2009 and I am calling it vintage, not old....

Perfect Prezzie is a stunning winey burgundy nail polish with gold shimmer running through it.  There looks to be a lot of shimmer in the bottle, but once it's applied to the nails, it gives the most beautifully subtle metallic finish.  The photo of my nails above don't do it justice and daylight was gone by the time I got around to photographing it but needless to say, the girls at work loved it!  There is some tip wear but I type all day so that doesn't bother me.

As this is vintage, I went through my stash in search of this Rimmel polish that I had in mind as a possible dupe and it's pretty close!

Desire from Rimmel's Lycra Pro range comes the closest to Perfect Prezzie from all the polishes in my stash.  Desire is a touch darker, slightly more purple toned and more affordable.  It has shimmer but it's more burgundy shimmer than gold.

I know it's not an exact dupe, especially using the flash on the camera, but it's pretty close in real life!  The shimmer is a lot more obvious using flash photography but in daylight, I have an utterly sophisticated and glamorous manicure if I do say so myself.  I'll try to get some photos in natural light and add it to the post later on.  If you can get your paws on Perfect Prezzie, you won't be disappointed, I promise you that.  If you are disappointed with it, let me know and I'll totally buy it off you.

*Update* Here are some photos in natural light...

See how different in looks in the bottle compared to on the nails?  I was actually put off using this because of all of the shimmer in the bottle.  Rookie mistake.  Lesson learned was don't judge a polish by the bottle.

I managed to chip it today at work so I'm going to do something I haven't done in a long time.  I'm going to repaint my nails with this same colour tomorrow.  Just love it so much!

Perfect Prezzie will be staying close at hand from now until Christmas.  Love it!



  1. Looks like the perfect seasonal shade. And good work on the duping, as always!

  2. Love that colour for autumn and winter! :)


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