Monday, October 31, 2011

Christmas 2011 with The Body Shop

Last week I went along to The Body Shop on Grafton Street to see what they have in store for us this Christmas.  Mulled wine, Christmas trees and Band Aid's Feed The World set the scene for what was a really lovely night.  It was great to meet some new faces and catch up with the old ones (wait, that didn't sound right, nobody had an old face, everyone was looking beautiful)!

This is what we were here to see ladies:

Top: Silver Black palette (€23.95), Pink Sparkler (€19.95), Lip Glosses (€17.95 for set of 4)
Bottom: Golden Brown palette (€23.95), Gold Sparkler (€19.95), Lip Glosses (€17.95 for set of 4)
The charismatic and completely fabulous Karim Sattar was there to greet us with air kisses, show off his blingy button covers that he bought in Africa recently and impress us with his make up skills creating a smokey eye for the Christmas season using one of the new palettes from The Body Shop.

Karim and Karen (has a nice ring to it doesn't it) Zoom in to see his blingtastic button covers!
There were Christmas displays as far as the eye could see so I had to take a few snaps to show you what's in store (literally) for this holiday season.  Feast your eyes on this red and gold table of Christmas-ness!

Above you can see the plethora of products from the Cranberry Joy and Candied Ginger ranges. I had a play with the Cranberry Joy Shimmer Body Lotion and it smells divine and gives the most gorgeous shimmer without looking like a big glitterball.

They have plenty of lip balms in cutely packaged sets, the newest Shimmer Cubes and how cute is that little set with the Strawberry shower gel, matching body lotion and a little shower poof for €5!  There's something for everyone and I will fully admit, last year when we were doing Kris Kindle, a new girl started after we'd picked the names.  So after collecting a couple of euro from everyone, my first thought was to go into The Body Shop because it's a great place to get stuff for people you don't know very well.  Everyone loves The Body Shop!  (She loved her present and I got to be all smug, in case you were wondering.)

Karim used the Golden Brown eye palette to create a beautiful smokey eye on Dee, the contest winner from The Irish Times, giving us tips and tricks along the way.  I tried my best to file them in the noggin and will put them to use when I do a look featuring the Silver Black palette.  Karim was in fine form and had us all eating out of his hand as always.  He told us that there's going to be a new brand ambassador coming to The Body Shop next year but kept schtum on who it was, so my mind is already wondering who it could be.

We got some goodies to try out so stay tuned for more on them.  But first impressions of the Spiced Vanilla hand cream, I absolutely love it and haven't stopped using it since I got it.

Thanks so much to Karim, Suzanne and everyone in The Body Shop for laying on such a great night for us.  You really know how to spoil a bunch of girls don't you?!

So lovely readers, will you be heading into The Body Shop this Christmas?  Did anything you see here tickle your pickle?


  1. I love the body shop! I haven't tried their makeup though but those smokey eye kits look so nice :)


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